Chapter 2: Flash Day Incident

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"Two months and one day ago, we were going to have our entire city lifted into the skies into an unknown... thing. We were saved by the one the only... Flash!" Mayor Bellows announced expecting the Flaesh to show up. "The Flash!"

Everyone in the audience was looking around to see his lightning only to hear and feel a gust of wind coming from the stage. The Flash just arrived.


Barry's POV

"Barry we're getting alerts about a meta attack on Central City Bank" Cisco Informed me

"I'm on my way" I responded

"Caitlin I need to go," I told Caitlin

"Please don't die" Caitlin said very scaredly "I don't want to lose you too"

"Don't worry I have no intentions of dying" I assured her



I left and ran to the bank to find it completely fine, no broken windows, doors, and even people in it. I thought to myself if it was just a false alarm.

"Cisco are you sure there was an attack on the bank?" I asked Cisco

All I got back from the comms was static, so I ran back to STAR labs only to find the place trashed, Cisco unconscious and Caitlin missing.

"Hey Cisco, Cisco!" I yelled

"Son of a breach, oh, Barry there's a lot that we need to talk about" Cisco informed me

Cisco told me everything that happened.

Cisco's POV

"Barry we're getting alerts about a meta attack on Central City Bank" I informed Barry

"I'm on my way" Barry replied. As Barry took off toward Central City Bank I heard a huge explosion coming from the particle accelerator. I went to go get Caitlin but when I got there Shawna Baez, aka Peek-a-Boo, holding Caitlin by the throat.

"Hey put her down, Peek-a-Boo" I yelled

"Cisco Ramon... you have one day to send me the flash or she gets it..." She responds then vanished.

"No!" I scream in frustration. As I was running back to the cortex I had some sort of vision, I saw havoc across Central City and Caitlin with a gun to her head. After that strange vision, I took a detour to the Time Vault to ask Gideon questing.

"Gideon who escaped during that explosion?"

"Shawna Baez and Mark Mardon escaped from the Particle Accelerator and Roy Bivolo was killed," Gideon Answered.

"Barry I need you back her at STAR Labs quick!" I yelled only to get static from the comms. As I was returning to the cortex I was attacked by Mark Mardon, aka Weather Wizard, he threw me against the wall and knocked me unconscious.

Barry's POV

"Do you know where she is?" I asked

"No, but like I said she gave us a day to find her" Cisco replied

I thought for a minute where Baez was.

"Well, we can assume that she will be working with Mardon." I presumed

"So we could track him like a hurricane" Cisco said continuing my sentence.

"Exactly" I replied. We made our way to the Cortex we found Professor Stein unconscious. He seemed to have been thrown across the room many times before he was knocked out.

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