Part 8

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The next day Randy Orton went to the police. Orton had gotten a restraining order against Chris Masters. Teddy Long was not happy about that. He was quite pissed because now he had to come up with an entirely new twist in his scripts to cover up what happened with Chris Masters. Because of the restraining order, Masters had to be suspended from the WWE for a few weeks at least.

For John Cena and Randy Orton however, life was getting a lot better for them. Cena and Orton were finally able to go out on their first date. Cena took Orton to Orton’s favorite place to eat.

Dinner went very well, and they were finally able to have some real conversations, not just about their jobs. After dinner they walked back to Cena’s sports car.

"You know," said Orton, "I never did thank you for what you did a couple weeks ago." Orton was raped that night, and Cena knew it. Cena knew everything that happened that night, and there was nothing that could’ve helped them recover for it.

"You know Randy, it still doesn’t count with what Masters did. Maybe I could show you what I really mean by that sometime." They smiled into each other’s eyes.

"John, I really love you, and I’m really glad that I met someone like you." Orton kissed Cena on the cheek.

"Now hold on Randy, seriously what makes you think you can get away with just a lousy kiss on the cheek?" Before Orton could answer, Cena pulled him in close, and kissed him hard. They did get some tongue action going on in that one kiss, but it was finally the first real kiss that they ever had. With their jobs, their lives get kinda busy, so there really hasn’t been much time. But even still......they finally fit it into their schedules. :)

The End!

please don't respond badly to this story. this is the first fan fiction i've ever written and it was meant for a friend. if you like it, that's great, i'm glad i did good. but if you didn't like it and you thought it was lame, please don't write that in a comment because i don't care to hear about it.

thanks for reading though <3<3

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