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Colby had stayed up the entire night. Just thinking about everything. Colby desperately wanted to tell Sam how much he loves him. Not as a friend or a brother, much more then that. He didn't want to be his best friend or his "brother" he wanted to be more then that. He wanted Sam.

The knocking on my door is what startled me the most. Fear replaced my confusion as I was terrified someone was going to walk in on me with my scary messed up arm.

"Colby. You better have clothes on. I rather not want to see anything today." The voice that spoke was someone I've hadn't heard in awhile. While trying to place the voice I grabbed a hoodie and put it on.
"You can come in, I have clothes on." I called to the person outside my door. The door opened slowly and as the door opened I saw the person where the voice belongs to.
"Elton. Why are you here?" I watched as the man walked into my room and sit on my couch, looking over me.
"Well I'm making a TFIL video and I just wanted to know if you're up for it."
"I - I don't know... I'm pretty tired Elton. Can I think about it?"
"Yeah, of course. Hey so um I want to know why you made Sam cry a few nights ago." I stared at Elton in shock.
"I made Sam cry?"
"I'm sorry, what?" I couldn't take my eyes off Elton as I tried to process what he just said. "You made Sam cry a few nights ago and I was just wondering why he was crying." Elton returned my gaze with a stern look. "You also managed to make Devyn cry too yesterday." Elton added. Guilt was eating me alive as he went on. I just wanted to die right there.
I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. All my thoughts on how I made Sam and Devyn cry.
"Colby. Why did you make Sam cry?" Elton voice dragged me back to reality. "I - I don't. I - I didn't mean to. I stuttered in shock. "Yeah, that's not telling me why he cried." Elton was staring at me now. "Sam and I had a fight. There was a few words that were said. Words that probably shouldn't have been said. I - Sam doesn't care about me." I choked out the last bit of words. The memories filling my mind.

"Because I don't care about you Colby. That's right, I don't care about you."

"Colby. Sam doesn't hate you. Sam cares a lot about you. Why do you think he doesn't care for you?" Elton's voice was gentle now, realizing that I was upset. "Sam told me he doesn't care about me. He said I was a horrible, selfish person he has ever met." My voice sounded dead now. "Sam didn't mean it. You know that Colby. If I were to be honest with you though, you are kinda a selfish person." I didn't have enough will power to get mad.
"Leave. Leave me alone Elton. Please."
"Colby, I didn't mean it like that."
"I don't care. Please just leave me alone Elton." Turning away from Elton I stared at the wall. I heard Elton give a defeated sigh then get up and leave. I let my tears fall and my thoughts race. I was starting to give in to the demons. I was getting weaker as the days pass. Only in the matter of days it will take me to break.

"See, everyone hates you. No one cares about you. Just do it."

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