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      His warm lips slid up the side of my neck, nipping me slightly as he moved. His hands moved all over my body. And every place they touched seemed to be set on fire. Letting out a moan my back arched, pressing our chests together. Our bodies were aliened, his hips grinding against mine, our chests flush against each other, legs intertwined. Slowly, oh every so slowly he moved his way up to my mouth. We were inches apart, his warm breath fanning over my flushed skin.

     My eyes opened slowly to see I looking into bright emerald eyes. They seemed to be glowing with power and lust. A shiver ran up my spine but before I could even second guess myself, he pressed forward kissing me roughly. Hunger and longing screamed from the kiss as our tongues found each other, clashing for dominance. I soon felt his hand make its way under the hem of my shirt, it slowly made it's way to my chest. My body arched into his as his warm hand cupped me. I began to try and pull him closer but he wouldn't budge.

     Opening my eyes there was a haze around him. Soon he began to fade, alarm as well as fear set over my body. A moment later I awoke with a start sitting straight up in bed. My breath came out heavy and fast. Looking around in a daze I soon realized I was in my bed, in my room. There was no man with emerald eyes and lips of a god. At that realization my heart fell slightly. But even at that moment I could swear I could feel his lingering touch, and his musky sent on my clothes.


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