Your greatest accomplishment

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-you are the youngest model to ever walk in the Victoria's Secret Fashion show

-that came with a lot of controversy

-nonetheless Finn was so happy for you and proud of you

-he admitted he cried watching you walk down the isle

-well your sisters are quite controversial *cough cough* Cardi B talking about the government shut down *cough cough*

-but you decided to follow in your sisters footsteps and pursue a music career

-your music fire or whateverr

-no you didn't have a sex tape leaked like your eldest sister 😂

-you've collaborated with your sisters on their products but you have your own line of hair products

-a lot of people say they only buy it because of your name but it's actually legit so they can go back under the bridge they came from

-Jack doesn't like to admit it but sometimes he buys your stuff just because

-your an actress just like your older sister

-you've been in numerous award winning movies and are currently in a globally loved show

-Wyatt loves to visit you on set and going to different interviews and award shows

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