Chapter 7

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Flash Back Ashlynn's POV

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"You guys gotta be quiet or we ain't gonna git nothin'." Daryl scolded us. Daryl had just got a Crossbow and we all decided to go hunting with him. While we were at it Daryl taught us how to track. He showed us all the different types of tracks, deer, squirrel, rabbit, everything. It was tons of fun but the one thing that wasn't fun was having to drag a 200 hundred pound deer back to his house. 

"Well that was tiring." Glenn said. Me and Daryl nodded our heads. We had been hunting all day. We went out about 5 miles into the woods and then had to drag 3 dead squirrels and 1 dead deer all the way back. It was around noon when we finally got back to our houses.

Merle eventually took the dead animals away from us and to the garage to skin them. The first thing Merle said was, "Good job lil' brotha. Ya got us a nice meal for a few days." And all Daryl did was just give a simple nod. Merle and Daryl don't have a very good relationship.

My mom had given me a lunch bag with 3 Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches plus Oreo cookies for a snack. After we gobbled up our lunch we headed to the field with a baseball bat, a ball, some gloves, and my brother. We usually always did this. Have lunch at one of our houses, grab our baseball gear and then head to the field. Its been a thing for us since we were 11. 

We named the bases and got right to playing, not even setting up any rules or order we had to go by. Bradley was up first, me and Daryl were in the field. Daryl threw the first pitch and then the crack of a swing echoed through the empty field.

Bradley ran to first, then to second and almost to third. Luckily I caught the ball just before he could get there and pegged him real hard with it. He winced in pain and limped back to the bench. Glenn was up now. To be honest he wasn't the best baseball played in the universe. This time I threw the ball. Striking him out once, then twice. I let the third ball fall out of my grasp. Glenn swung the bat as hard as he could, this time not striking out.

He did just as Bradley did. Instead he didn't stop. I yelled at Daryl, "Catch it Daryl! Catch it! He's almost there! Daryl!" As I did that Bradley had jumped out of his seat in excitement and cheered Glenn on, "C'mon! You're almost there! Pick up your speed! Go, Go, Go!!"

Daryl had finally caught the ball and thrown it to me but, we were to late. Glenn had already made it to home. Making a home run. I frowned at Daryl. "Really?!" I asked. He put his hands up in defense.

"You're the one that threw." He said, with a smirk on his face. I narrowed my eyes at him and shook my head. i threw the ball to him and he passed me his glove. 


It had been two hours since we've been playing and it was our final inning. I was up at bat. I banged the dirt off my sneakers and got into position. My legs spread apart about a foot, my bat high up by my head. Bradley stared at me for a seconds and then threw the ball my way.

I bit down on my lip and swung with all the energy I had left. If I got a homer, I would break the tie and my "team" would win the game. I watched the ball for two seconds and then ran as fast as I could.

"Base one good job Ash, now we have to get to base two." I thought.  I picked the up the speed, "Base two c'mon two more and we'll the game."  I listened as Daryl cheered for me, out of the corner of my eye I could even see him jumping up and down fist bumping the air. I almost wanted to laugh.

"Base three. One more!" I thought to myself again. I could see the ball coming towards me from the corner of my eye. I swiftly dodged the ball and finished running to home. Daryl stood there at home base waiting for me with open arms.

I smiled, jumping into his arms at home base. He hugged me tight and kept saying, "We won!" In my ear. I laughed and we finally broke apart. The boys, Bradley and Glenn, stuck their tongues out at us, while picking up the bat and ball.

After that we all walked back to my house for ice cream sandwiches. "Wow you did great today Ashlynn, you have to be on my team more often." Daryl laughed. I could feel my cheeks become red.

That was a night to remember.


Its short, yes but I thought this was actually a pretty good chapter if I do say so myself. Lol. Hope you guys enjoyed it 'cause I had lots of fun writing it.

QOTD- Why do you think it was night to remember??

This was edited because I seriously wrote this in like 30 minutes. Hehe.

<3 Terrilynn

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