Chapter 25

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Beads of sweat trickled down her face as her eye shot open quick like she had just been shocked. Her breath was caught in the back of her throat and she reached her arm out as if it was going to help her regain oxygen. Jayce thought that she had just awaken from a bad dream, but this was her reality. After seven cold months, she was finally waking up from a deadly coma.

The hospital room felt like lava to her even though the temperature was fairly neutral. Her body was just under pressure from being bandaged and covered up for long periods of time.

To calm her down, Sabrina came to her rescue and placed her hand against her head. "Oh my god! She's awake!" She yelled, "She's up!"

Jayce took deep breaths and cried out in pain as her body went into panic mode. Within no time, the doctor came rushing into the room to check on her and put her on a breathing machine. After a while she had calmed down and starting asking questions left and right.

She couldn't remember a thing that happened before. She forgot what her name was, who her mom was and her son, but when Sabrina went to rambling memories slowly began fading back. Except for the reason why she laying in a hospital bed of course.

She didn't even look like her normal self. Her face was narrow and pale, eyes puffy and bruised, hair matted. Sabrina couldn't even believe that this was her daughter from how bad she looked.

"I can't believe this right now ma. How'd I end up like this?" Jayce sniffed.

Sabrina rubbed her daughters arm and fought the tears that wanted to spill from her eyes. She felt bad for Jayce, but she was glad that she was awake. At one point she thought that Jayce was going to die, but she visited every chance she got and prayed that Jayce would pull through for the sake of Amarie.

"I was told that you fell off of a flight of stairs inside a church. As you can see, you arm got fractured really bad along with your spine." Sabrina informed, "I don't believe that but.. I'm just happy that your alive."

Sabrina knew that there had to be some kind of background story on how Jayce ended up crippled this horrifically, but she just couldn't pin point it. Although the allegations about her falling off a flight of stair inside of a church might sound true, Jayces injuries told her otherwise.

"I wanna go home, I don't wanna be in no damn hospital!" Jayce snapped. "this not right! Where's my son?"

During her coma, Jayce thought that she went to heaven. She could of sworn god revealed to her the baby she aborted as another boy. She cried and cried and asked for forgiveness a million times. Before this, Jayce didn't believe things like this could happen, but she looked at life a different way now.

"We can't leave right now, they still have to do a few test and you're not all the way healed. Don't worry about Amarie, he's with your uncle Ken."

Jayce inhaled deeply and exhaled in frustration. "If it isn't one thing there's another, I swear. All I wanna do is go home."

Nodding in agreement, Sabrina kissed Jayce's cheek. "It's gonna be alright."

    Ava bit down on her bottom lip as Blue gently massages her lower back with his thumbs to soothe the sharp pain that kept occurring every time she stood up. She only had two more months to go until she give birth to her baby but it seemed like she was about to pop any giving moment.

"How does that feel baby?" Blue asked.

"Good, keep going." Ava propped her feet up on the coffee table in the living room and leaned up a little as Blue stood behind her hunched over the couch.

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