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I didn't know what to expect but I'm sure as hell, it was not this.

After the Royal Beta intercepted us on the back road to wherever we were headed, he took us back the way we came from and drove onto a few rough turn-offs. Nothing was said. We weren't treated to any type of cruelty, nor did I sense hostility. Our first stop was at a human town. We were welcomed by the sheriff and a few humans like old friends.

A shower was offered and a warm, delicious meal. Mia and I were dumbfounded yet scared of things going awry in the blink of an eye. We then ventured on in a new vehicle, it was a large SUV that gave us more comfort than our old beat up pick-up. I don't know just how long we were on the road for but I slept with ease.

At our last stop, the beta woke us up. Looking out the window, it was early morning and large wolves were circling the vehicle we were in.

"We rest here. When we are all refreshed, a chopper will take us to Verans. This is Alpha Seamus' pack. He's under the Royal seal. Come on," he said getting out of the vehicle. Mia and I watched on as they all waited for us to get out, no guns were drawn, no defensive stance. Cautiously, we got out, clutching our backpacks close to our bodies. Jakobe leads us to a large house that looked both out of place and suited for the surroundings. As we approached the front door, a couple and a young boy exited the home.

"Royal Beta Jakobe. Welcome back to our home," the man said bowing slightly to the strapping man before us.

The woman and maybe her son bowed their heads in respect before turning to us.

"Thank you, Alpha Seamus. I will like to extend our thanks in keeping the kids safe during such harsh times. They're both with Alpha Jonathon doing very well. Expect an invite for their induction in a few days," Jakobe said with a smile.

"Wonderful news. We're so happy that everything is resolved. The king will have our loyalty for generations to come," Alpha Seamus said. I can sense his honesty, even from his mate and their son. It was a rare chance to see and hear the wolves dynamics of law and upbringing.

"Meet Mia and Chelsea Franco. Guests of the king and queen. We've come a long way and wish for a place to rest before the chopper arrives in a few hours," Jakobe stated with a smile.

"Of course. Your men can go to the packhouse. You and your guests are welcomed to the two guest rooms on the ground floor," the woman said, gesturing us to go in. Throwing a smile our way, Jakobe gestured for us to walk ahead of him and into the most beautiful house, I've ever seen. I can hear Mia's gasp along with my own, "This is beautiful. You can feel the love you've put into this place to call it your home," I complimented.

"Thank you. I'm Liza and this is my son, Sean," the woman introduced herself to us boldly, offering a handshake. We took it timidly only to be given a confused expression on her face.

"It has been a long ride. I'm afraid I've pushed them too far. If my mate was here, I will be the one in the pack-house alone," Jakobe said, erasing the awkwardness.

"And much more, I expect," Liza huffed. She beckoned us to follow her. We left the foyer, passed a grand staircase and entered a well-lit hall. Three doors met us, Liza escorted us to last one at the end of the hall. When she opened the door, we were greeted with bright colors and modern decor. The twin beds looked so comfortable with their matching purple bed sets, a door to the right led to a normal sized bathroom. The morning sunlight was peeking through yellow and purple abstract designed curtains making the room feel light and peaceful.

"There are towels and toiletries in the bathroom cabinet. When you're sure, you've rest enough, you come to find me in the kitchen," the Luna said.

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