Twenty three

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Andy, Isla, Soph and I were all going to this lady's house to pick up a dog for a cover we were doing. Soph drove, which was a mistake.

Rye-"Why did we let Soph drive?"

Isla-"Told you She was a bad driver."

Rye-"I didn't think you were being serious."

Soph-"I can hear you, you know."

Isla-"We know."

We were about half an hour away from the lady's house and Andy decided we play a quick questions game.

Andy-"What instruments do you play?" He said to all of us.

Rye-"Nothing." I laughed.


Isla-"Guitar and keyboard."

Andy-"Me too!"

Soph-"Let me do a question. Favourite band besides Roadtrip."

Isla-"Busted." They said at the same time.

Andy-"We're like the same person! Except we look different..." He said and we laughed at the last bit.

Rye-"Don't you both have dimples?"

Isla-"Smile." She said to Andy age he said the same after he smiled.

Rye-"Yep, both have them."

After our game we were at the house ready to get the puppy.

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