First Date

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It's your first date with Kirishima! You wonder where he's going to take you and what you guys are going to do! You're mostly excited though.

1:00pm | your house | November 11th Sunday

You wait outside (where Kirishima told you to wait), so that he can pick you up. You stand there and wonder if he stood you up. He wouldn't... would he? When you start to walk in, you can hear him running.

Kirishima: Hey! Sorry I'm late!

He's carrying a picnic basket.

Kirishima: That wasn't a very manly thing for me to do...

You: Wow, you really want to be a man, don't you Kirishima?

Kirishima: Yeah but you don't have to make fun of me for it...

Kirishima's face turns a bright pink color. You hold his hand and grip it tight. He smiles his shark tooth smile and starts running. He's pulling you to the bus stop. You laugh and run with him so that he doesn't drag you. When you get on the bus, Kirishima doesn't tell you anything about where you're going.

Kirishima: Element of surprise!

You smile. When you get off at your stop, Kirishima pulls out a blindfold.

You: Seriously? Are you going to kidnap me?

Kirishima: Haha! Don't worry, trust me!

Kirishima ties the blindfold around your eyes and holds your hand. He drags you around, from place to place, you go really slow because you don't want to get hurt.

Kirishima: Ok! We're here!

He takes off your blindfold. You're in the woods, trees are surrounding one empty field. Kirishima lays down a picnic blanket and lays on it. You sit next to him.

Kirishima: All for our first date!

You: Hopefully it's not our last.

Kirishima laughs. He pulls out two cherry sodas from his basket.

Kirishima: I hope you don't mind, I just like sweet things! Maybe that's why I like you...

You: Wow... that was so corny!

Kirishima blushes and starts laughing. You take a sip of your soda. Kirishima takes a big gulp of his. You circle the rim of your soda can. Kirishima, pushes your hand down and smiles. You lay next to Kirishima, you both are facing eachother. You can't help but stare into his eyes. He nervously gets up and grabs a box of Pocky from his basket.

Kirishima: Uh... Do you wanna play the Pocky game?

You: Sure.

You place a Pocky stick in your mouth, waiting for Kirishima to make his move. He bites down on the stick, chomping slowly. You can practically see him sweating. He finally gets to the end of the biscuit, his lips feel soft against yours. Kirishima holds you close, not wanting to let you go. He pushes you backwards, him on top of you. Kirishima releases you, embarrassed.

Kirishima: Oh I'm sorry! I went a little overboard...

You lift yourself up and dust off your clothes. Kirishima blushes and sticks the packet of Pocky in his basket.

Kirishima: Let's never play that game again... for now...

You and Kirishima laugh. This date has gotten fun! Kirishima grabs two wrapped sandwiches from his basket and hands you one. You unwrap it and take a bite. It's surprisingly delicious.

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