One shot

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Part two of the one shot above.

David and I were having so much fun! It was a complete teenage dream. "Smile!" I say holding my phone up for a picture.

Hollyjolly: He wouldn't smile

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Hollyjolly: He wouldn't smile. So I made him laugh. It kinda worked out? 👤daviddobrik

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User62: her and David are hanging out now?
User21: I ship!
User63: He is so cute.
Daviddobrik: Okay that's not fair. But hey, I still look cute. 🥵😂❤️
Sure David😏😉
Daviddobrik👤 oh I'm sure❤️

We danced and danced. More and more laughs come our way. Then the party ends.

The. cutest. Boy. Ever. Is. Right. In. Front. Of. Me.

"Thank you for coming!" He says giving me a smile.
"No problem." I say.
"Hey, why don't you stay a little." He says.
"Are u sure, I don't wanna be one of those bitches." I says and not of us laugh.
"I'm positive. We can vlog, watch movies, go out, have fun!" He says convincing me even more.
"Okay..."I walk back in the house.

Later that night

We are playing hide and seek. I go and hide in the shower. Plus the lights are off. "We're you at holly?" He says in a funny voice.
I don't respond obviously.
He walks in the bathroom, putting my hand over my mouth trying not to laugh. All of a sudden, he turns the water on and I'm so soaked.
"Ahhhhhh!!!" I screech.
"What the fuck is wrong with you, you bitch!" I say screaming.
"I'm sorry"he says laughing.
"I have some clothes you can wear, come on." He says motioning me to his room.
He gets me some sweatpants and a sweatshirt. His merch. "You face is everywhere!" I say looking and pointing at the shirt.
"Hey, you'll always have me around huh!" He says
"Sure" I smile.
"You look cute in it anyways." He says.
"I know, only because your face is in it." I say as we get closer and closer and then our lips touch. When we pull apart. "Tag!! Your it!" He screams running away
"I'll catch you Dobrik." I run laughing.

4 in the morning

Man. What a night. We are still up watching movies. Shocker there. But I was cuddle up to David, not moving. My head leaning on his shoulder, and his head pressed against mine.

Maybe I was falling in love.

Might be posting again tonight (prolly will!)
Thank you so much for 1.04k I'm so so happy y'all like this book! I never got on here with the intention of getting that big of a number. I mean damn. Thank you so much❤️I'm happy. So many more reads to come. And more adventures for these guys. 😂 bye bye guys
Thank you

464 words!!❤️❤️🚀🛸👤

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