Chapter 10

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Can't Believe It!

Erica opened the door to see a sunken eye and lifeless Malik with his hands deep in his jean pocket. Besides the sunken look in his brown eyes, he looks at Erica with a blank expression. After Vanessa rejected his advances and jetted off, he has been really feeling like shit lately. That only put him in a horrible state. It took him up until now to realize what he was experiencing, a heartbreak . He has been going through the can't eat, can't sleep and missing Vanessa stages and he despised it. He hadn't felt this way ever and now he was finally experiencing things he hadn't with Erica. It made him wonder if he was ever in love with Erica or did he just get too comfortable. Either way, he knew he and Erica were over. Only woman he needed like air to breathe was Vanessa Weathers. It would take a lot of convincing and begging but he was with it. After all, he created his own chaos. 

"You look like shit." Erica stated the obvious as she stood with a protruding belly and her hand on her hip. Malik sucks his teeth and gives her an annoyed look. 

"Tell me some shit I don't know Erica. You ready?" He dismissed her comment not wanting to get into another argument with her. Lately, she had been tripping and giving him a hard time, but he knew he was the blame. So he tried not feeding into it some days, knowing he hurt her and it was apart of the mood swings she was experiencing with this pregnancy. Even with those reasons, he didn't know how much he could take. He was only trying to be there for her and the baby. He was just trying to be there for his seed. Although he didn't want any parts of Erica anymore, he refuse to be an absent father. Despite their relationship failing and spiraling out of control, he was excited about becoming a father. That was the only reason he was at Erica's door today. This was the day they find out what they're having. In the beginning, they were going to do a gender reveal but with all that had occurred between them, he knew this was for the best. He didn't want to engage in any couple activities anymore leading her to believe he wanted something more. He was trying to be honest with himself and her about what he wanted and where his head is. Even if it hurt her, he couldn't bare hurting himself anymore with this lie he had been living. He had moved out of their place and had taken his things to his boy Mason place while he hunted for a place of his own. He was thankful he had a friend who had his back and front. 

"Uh uh Like take the bass out yo voice. I just stated the obvious. Don't come at me like that because you having problems with that bitch you had as a mistress. I bet she jumping for joy she has you all to herself.." Malik jumps at Erica out of impulse as she flinches and takes a step back. Malik finally steps inside the place he once called home and into his ex face with the meanest mug.

 Malik finally steps inside the place he once called home and into his ex face with the meanest mug

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"Aye watch yo mouth! What I have going on is no longer yo concern. Don't do that shit! Don't be a bitter ex because I fell out of love with you E. Like I said before, she had no idea you existed and that's on me, but don't call her out her name. She hasn't done shit to you intentionally." Malik clenches his jaw as he worked on calming himself down because no matter how angry he'd gotten at Erica or any woman, he never not once laid a hand on them. He knew better and acknowledge his anger problems. 

Erica tilted her head and licked her lips trying her best to keep the tears the peaked from the back of her eyelids from falling. She could never get use to the man she fell in love with since high school ready to defend the honor of a woman that wasn't her. They were inseparable and were good up until now or that's what she thought. She hadn't even told her girl Tia, who she'd been riding with since middle school about her broken relationship. She was too embarrass that she was slacking on her part and allowed some woman to come and capture her man, yeah you heard it right, 'her man' heart. Because there was no way she was going to willingly let some bitch come and take him from her. Not when she invested too many damn years into him and now their baby. NO! She wasn't letting him go, period. He was hers and she was willing to fight back. 

"Wow I can never get use to you defending another woman in my presence

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"Wow I can never get use to you defending another woman in my presence. I knew we had problems but I didn't know we'd come to this. I didn't know instead of talking things out with me, you'd confine in another woman." Erica massage her temples as she feels a headache coming on. "What does she have that I don't? Am I not black enough? I don't do it for you in the bedroom anymore? Is it something we can fix?" Erica is aware how desperate she may sound from the outside looking in, but Malik and her had four years under their belt. They had history and great memories. He wouldn't, no he can't throw that away for some woman he'd only been screwing for a few months. Malik sigh as his face soften now watching Erica close to breaking right before him once more. This is why he held on to them longer than he needed. He had no intentions of seeing her like this. Just because he wasn't in love with her anymore, it doesn't mean he doesn't care or have love for her. After all, she was his soon to be child's mother and the woman who held him down through whatever. He hated himself even more for hurting her but they weren't right for each other. Their chapter was over. 

"E there's nothin' you did, i just can't do this anymore. I don't feel the way I once felt about you. I hate myself for hurting you, but I can't hurt myself by staying in a relationship I'm not 100% in anymore. I thank you for giving me a beautiful baby in a couple more months but that's all E. I know its a fucked up thing to say but I'm in love with someone else and I'm sorry I dragged you into this but our chapter is over. You deserve someone who isn't me. I can't love you like you love me, I tried." Malik confess as he watch tears rapidly fall from Erica's eyes. He couldn't stop himself as he pull her into a bear hug and held her tight. He hears and feel her sob into his chest. He just hope this was enough to get it through her head that the only relationship they could have is co parenting. His heart belong to Ve whether Ve believe it or not. She was his plus one and he'd prove it to her. 

Just a little filler guys. I hope you like it because I went into a whole mood for y'all butt.  


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