Chapter Twenty Three

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Hey guys! My laptop has decided to play up on me so I'm having to write this on my phone... ugh! So I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes etc :)

So things get slightly violent in this chapter, not by much though, just a few punches.

Annabelle's PoV

I had been tossing and turning all night, my mind just wouldn't stop thinking about everything Xavier had told us. About how I was some magic messenger that had some weird wolf connection to some ancient goddess that I had never even heard of a week ago. I just wish I knew someone who had the answers, who knew what was going on with me and could help me in some way. Someone like my Mother.

I genuinely believe that she too was a messenger of the moon goddess, why else would someone want to harm her and rip me away from my family?

I looked over to my left to see that Jax was still fast asleep on the other side of the bed, oblivious to the thoughts that were running through my head. We had kind of just kept the sleeping arrangements since the other night when I asked him to sleep next to me. We both refused to let the other sleep on the sofa so why bother continuing to fight over it?

I sighed and gave up trying to get back to sleep, I had already slept enough over the last 48 hours anyway. I got up and made my way down the stairs and into the kitchen to get myself a cold glass of water. I still found it a bit bizarre sometimes that I was allowed to go into the kitchen and just help myself to anything that I wanted. I'm so used to having to ask permission from years at the Leftons that I still catch myself beginning to ask Jax if I was allowed to do anything. You'd think I would have gotten used to it by now but no.

I sighed as the cold water soothed my dry throat, when was the last time I had anything to drink?

I filled the glass back up, intending to down my second pint of water when a sudden ear splitting screech rang all around me and invaded my senses. It was a noise so intense that it made my eyes water and vision to blur.

I dropped the glass of water and covered my ears with my hands, hoping to somehow dull the sound down by even a little but nothing helped, if anything it just made the noise worse. I was aware of nothing, my soul goal was to drown this painful noise out and just when I was giving up hope... it stopped. My vision cleared and I could suddenly hear everything that was going on around me.

What was weird though was that I wasn't in Jax's kitchen anymore, in fact I wasn't even above ground. I was in some cell blocks that felt oddly familiar.

I heard a commotion from up ahead and curiosity got the best of me as I slowly made my way over towards the voices. They were muffled at first but as I got closer I recognised a male voice yelling. I don't know what he was yelling about or who he was yelling to but whoever it was I felt sorry for them. I had been yelled at like that a lot over my childhood and it never got easier being on the receiving end of someone else's rage.

I inched forward getting closer to the angry man until I could vaguely hear what he was yelling.

"What the hell do you mean you don't know!" The man yelled and I looked around the corner to see him yelling at someone who was lower than him, probably someone on the floor.

The other person must have said something back but it was to quiet for me to hear.

"Well ask again. The only reason we are keeping you around is because of what you know and if your knowledge has run out then so has your time on this planet."

I crept closer still, hoping to hear the other side of the story. "I have asked but I am getting nothing back sir, our communication bond has been weakened."

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