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I don't feel like drawing/editing, but I don't want to waste my life watching videos so why not write my eddsworld headcanons?


Is extremely ticklish.

He is the tallest one, but he's the second to youngest.

Obsession with Cola, bacon, waffles and cats.

He loves it when people make puns out of his name.

Likes to force people (specifically males) wear dresses.

Is a bit of a pervert, just not as perverted at Tord.

He UTTERLY hatesit when he has to break a fight that Tord and Tom would be having.

Will watch a horror movie on Friday at midnight with Tord. It's a norm for both of them.

Is bisexual.


Acts stupid and childish, but he can get really mature.

He loves mirrors because his sister loved them.

Had a sister that died tragically.

Was bullied severely in highschool, so he stopped attending highschool which is why he became stupid.

His favourite book is 'Mr.Twiddle in trouble again.' (Yes it's a children's book and yes I love that book)

His favourite food are Nutella pancakes.

Third tallest.

He secretly takes photos of his friends and then edits them.

Is bisexual.


Can't remember his childhood due to being in a car crash.

His eyes are black because of the car crash. His old eyes were a deep blue.

Doodles in his free time.

Loves watching youtubers play games and watching series.

4th tallest (shortest).

Sometimes he acts like a child because he hates being an adult.


Likes bunnies and cats.



Second to tallest.


Sometimes acts like a narcissist.

Likes using emoticons and talking in Japanese.

Basically a weeb.

Carries painkillers for no reason.

He was born into the red army.

Is scared of spiders, insects and optical illusions.


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