Hae, it's me.

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Hey! It's me, Hae. ;)

I want to thank you for giving this fanfiction a chance. Trust me, I am not going to disappoint you. ^^ Just wait and see, you'll love this even more.

But please! Make sure that you've read Tao's fanfic and Suho's fanfic because it is related to each other. I'm just worried that you'll be confused. Just go to my profile and you'll see it under 'my works'.

Things you should know:

Vote of you liked/loved the update, don't if you didn't. It's as simple as that

I don't update regularly. All you need to do is wait PATIENTLY. And make sure that before you comment 'update pls' , 'ud ms author', and such, you left a very nice and heart warming comment. We should compromise.

Remember? Before a relationship work, we should learn how to GIVE AND TAKE. Give me comments then I'll give you an update. ^^

Another thing, this fanfiction is on-going, so expect the chapters to be a cliffhanger.

Next, follow me because you love me and my works not because you want me to follow you back. If you followed me because of it, kindly unfollow me. ;)

Again, when you love someone that doesn't mean they should love you back. Same thing goes with this.

Don't be afraid to message me, I am nice. I'm no monster. :D

Seriously. XD I am really nice to those who are nice to me. But I transform into a btch when I find you rude. ^^ I'm just a mirror of your attitude. ^^

But again, I am really nice. (Self promotion) Lol.

I just wanna clear things like these so we can avoid future complications. You're all precious to me, okay? I just don't want to lose even a single one. :D

That's it. To know that you really read this, comment a single dot or period below.

THIS IS PART OF MY IN A RELATIONSHIP SERIES. You have to read the previous installments before reading this one to avoid spoilers and misunderstandings. :)

This is the list IN ORDER:

• In a Relationship With Tao of EXO
• In a Relationship with Suho of EXO
• Exclusively Dating Tao of EXO
• In a Relationship With Chanyeol of EXO

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