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Loxo: *kicks the door open* We're back with a dare from our lord and savior xX-Apple_The_Cat-Xx!!!

*stiffens up in suprise* Jesus fck, Loxo! The fck, mate! Almost made me drop my 3DS.

Ricochet: *pops back into existence*

Sunset (Lemondrop): Klasser can't draw anything on as I remember correctly so they're spending their time playing on their gaming console.

Loxo: Klasser?!? What happened to Classy?!

Instead of Classy, Sunset now calls me KlassER. Big changes, I know. Sht happens.... but all is good. I think...

Loxo: Woah woah WOAH!!! SUDDEN CHANGE!!! Lemondrop is now Sunset, and YOU'RE NOW KLASSER?!? ROSE!!!!

...Well, you can still call me Classy... but Sunset now decides on Klasser. She asked first before changing what she called me which was sweet of her.

Silence: I like how now it sounds like you are going to make others classic instead of being the classic one yourself

Aye.... if anyone gonna be classic... it's gonna be me. I'm the only classic Mexican here.

Loxo: Well I'm sticking with my name! I got nothing else to change it to anyways! Sorry Rose!

Voodoo: Hate to agree with Loxo on that with my name. So, what's the dare? Wait...Alpha Bloods, has the lust potion wore out?


Bishop: Well they ain't loving anyone so my guess is yep

....I feel mildly offended right now.... it's been more than a month since we did that potion roulette thing so...

Loxo: Well you're zodiac sign here says-


Dusk: Tell us! Tell us!

Silence: Just look... Oh wait... Forgot about that. Ok *looks at dare*

Loxo: We gotta pretend to be anyone!

Voodoo: And guess who we're pretending to be?

Loxo: Oooh, that we should do!!

Alright, fair enough... Who goes first?

Bishop: Not sure yet who I'm gonna be so not it.

Fck it, Dusk, you go first.

Dusk: Ok one sec... *Leaves room*

Ricochet: I wonder what he will choose..

Dusk: *returns wearing a trench coat and a fedora*

Loxo: Hmmmm...

Those guys from r/niceguys

Sunset: Um...a... mysterious man who's a detective?

Loxo: A criminal mastermind!!!

Voodoo: ...Um... I got nothing

Dusk: I am a detective!

Sunset: So... I got it right?

Yup, you did. Congratulations. I thought Dusk was those guys that claim they're nice but really just idiots.

Dusk: Ok can I go change back to my hoodie now? ...

Silence: We have to do this for a day so no

Voodoo: Hmmm... Oh, I know! Can I go next?


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