27. The Fitting

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"Let me get this straight. I am part Wolf, part Fairie, part Elf? How is that supposed to even work? I thought wolves mated with each other within their species." Athena asked, perplexed.

"Well, that logic holds true for most of us. But it does happen, although it is extremely rare." Ryder explained.

"Right. Just my luck to have parents who are from different species." Athena commented, rolling her eyes.

"It isn't all that bad Athena. Look at it this way, you made a deal with Nebulas which ties you to them and now you have a link to the elves. This gives you a lot of power in all the kingdoms which will only help strengthen our bond with the other species."

Athena shifted in the bed as she thought about the problem laid out in front of her. "That is true, but what about the Dragons and the Undead? I doubt they would be happy about this."

"Well, we won't not tell anyone about this now. We will deal with this after the coronation, which is in three days."

"Forget about that Ryder, it will come and go, it isn't as important as this mess in front of us. There is no way the elves won't know. The beast said that they would be able to see it if I shifted in front of them. "

"Oh. Well, don't shift in front of them?"

"Very helpful Ryder, very helpful." Athena replied, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Okay, okay, I don't know. We will figure it out. Can you get out of the bed now? A seamstress is waiting for you to get your measurements for a dress for the coronation."

Athena groaned. She hated standing for hours in awkward positions as the seamstress took her measurements. She had it done once before to get her robes made, but that once was more than enough for her.

She sunk under her covers, just peeping out. "Can I not wear my robes?"

"No. It won't take long, Athena. She is very experienced and will be done with you in very little time. Besides, you should look good when your family comes."

"They are okay with me in my robes."

"I am not. And neither are your people. So, get up." He said, pulled her from under the covers, out of the room and to the room where the seamstress was waiting for them.

Pushing the doors of the room open, he dragged the loudly protesting Athena in towards the seamstress, who gave her a quick look, assessing her. Athena held her look, scrunching her nose as the seamstress' and her assistant's honey like scent filled her nose and made her want to gag.

Black haired with a shock of white and bright gold eyes, the seamstress stood spine straight and proud, confidence of a person who has been in their occupation for years radiating from her.

"Your highness. I am Madam Gwen, and my assistant Ness." She said, both her and her assistant bowing to which Athena replied with a nod.

"Stand on this." She commanded, her demeanor changing quickly as pointing to the raised platform beside her.

Praying to all the gods above for strength and patience, Athena grudgingly moved towards her to climb onto it. With the stick in her hand, which Athena had failed to notice for some reason, she hit her back. "Posture!"

Turning around, Athena bared her teeth and growled at her but Gwen just grinned. "This will be an interesting session."

Standing straight and swallowing her anger, she let the seamstress do what she wanted, growling at her every now and then as she lost her temper, but soon enough, like Ryder said, it was over. Faster than it had the last time.

"Your dress will be ready by tomorrow and I want you to wear it to see how it fits you. I will make any changes, if needed, after I see you wear it. No injuries!" she shouted as Athena stomped out of the room and towards the training ground to let off some steam.

"Athena!" Ryder called out behind her. "You are over reacting."

"You were the one who said that my feelings would be intense, so just deal with it."

"Your Highness, Lord Ryder." Alpha Aria approached them as they walked towards the Ground.

"Hello Alpha Aria, would you like to spar with me?" Athena asked, smiling manically at her.

"You speak my language, Your highness." She replied, giving her back a similar smile.

Women shouldn't be allowed to spar when they are angry. Ryder thought to himself as he sent silent prayers to who ever was to be their mates, following them into the Training Ground, watching everyone part ways for them as they stormed into the middle. Drawing out their swords, both of them stood across from each other. They began circling, looking at the other in the eye, trying to gauge who would make the first move before running towards each other, yelling. The sound of their blades hitting each other rung through the ground, which made everyone pause their training to look at the two of them fighting. Like dancers, they moved gracefully, a whirl of black and white, the sound of one blade against the other echoing in the Ground.

Everyone gawked at the speed at which they moved, many of the on-lookers even calling them demons. They kept sparring for a long while until it ended with both of them falling on the ground from exhaustion, grinning and laughing, each sporting a new set of bruises and cuts that they would proudly show off for the next few days.

"Your Highness, that was amazing." Aria said, panting.

"You were incredible too, that is the most fun I have had in a long time, thank you. And please, call me Athena."

Giggling, Aria nodded. "What riled you up so much, Your... Sorry, Athena?"

"I was dragged to get my measurements for a dress for the coronation."

Aria's laugh rang across the Ground. "That was why you looked like you would destroy half of Illerea? I am beginning to feel pride at having you as our queen now."

Making a face, Athena got up and held out a hand to help Aria up, who took it. Standing up, they dusted themselves as Ryder approached them. "I wonder how it would have ended if both of you were enemies."

"Hush Ryder, do not ruin the day saying such things." Athena chided.

Looking at Aria, she said, "We need to do this as often as possible. Im sure I will get my ass handed to me when the seamstress sees all these cuts and bruises, but Ill make sure to have fun with it as well." She said, grinning.

"My pleasure, your highness." Aria said as she smiled and bowed. "I came looking for you to tell you that my people will be arriving soon."

Athena nodded her acknowledgment as she felt the dread of having the coronation fill her again.

Ryder put his hand on her shoulder and squeezed it.

'I can't shake this feeling that I have, like something is going to happen that day.'

'You will be fine, Athena. And nothing will happen.'

'I hope.'

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