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"Drop your pants," Justin commanded with exhaustion in his voice. Shawn whined and shook his head.

"Justin I'm serious this time!" He defended. Justin put his hands on his hips and had a stare down with his younger brother.

"So am I, drop your pants so I can spank you." Justin repeated. Shawn turned away from him and crossed his arms in defiance. "You remember what I told you last time you begged me to watch a scary movie?" Justin rose his brow, recounting the time Shawn had begged to see a scary movie and ended up sleeping in Justin's room for close to three weeks.

Shawn blushed and turned back to look at Justin in the eye, "I know, I know, but this time I think I'm ready," he said as a matter of fact. Justin nodded, "I think you're ready too, to get your little butt spanked." Justin replied, giving Shawn's bottom a little swat.

Shawn covered his butt and backed up, pleading with Justin. "Justin I know what happened last time but I promise you this time I'm not going to be scared, like at all." Shawn promised, yelping as Justin's hand made contact with his butt again.

Shawn laughed and playfully kicked at Justin as he fell onto the couch, trying to get away from Justin's palm. Justin wasn't seriously trying to spank him, but mess with him instead.

Justin turned Shawn over and playfully walloped his bottom three times as Shawn whined jokingly, trying to get away from Justin. Justin then reached into Shawn's sweat pants, gripping his undies and pulling them up his back, holding Shawn down with the other arm.

Shawn squealed and reached behind him, trying to pull himself loose from Justin but failing. He reached again and grabbed his underwear trying to get it out of his cheeks but Justin was stronger than him and had pulled his briefs up his back.

"Hm, lets see if we could get these on your head." Justin smirked and tugged again, getting Shawn to whine loudly and kick his legs. "You're hurting me!" Shawn cried out, twisting his butt as he tried to get away.

Justin had mercy on Shawn and let go of his underwear, letting it snap and sag at his lower back, out of his pants. Shawn reached into his pants and pulled out his underwear, whimpering as Justin snuck another yank.

"Stop!" Shawn shrieked and Justin let go, laughing as he sat on the chair beside the couch. Shawn glared at Justin with tears in his eyes and sniffled, hugging his knees as he sat on the couch.

Justin took notice of Shawn's sad expression and walked over to him, kissing his forehead. "Baby you're not watching any more scary movies."

"B-but why?"

"Because you're going to be scared. You're going to be scared. I don't want to deal with a terrified teenager every single night, so no. You're not going to watch it." Justin said as a matter of fact, no change, no listening that was it.

He forgot how easily Shawn was able to get him to change his mind. Shawn looked at Justin with puppy dog eyes and crawled in his lap, sniffling. Justin tried to ignore it by reading his magazine. Shawn buried his face into the crook of Justin's neck and made a whimpering sound. Justin rolled his eyes and rubbed Shawn's back.

"Cute baby, but not working," Justin responded, ready for Shawn to stop whining. Shawn continued with his plot as he snuggled against Justin and started singing in his soft, melodic voice.

Justin wasn't budging, but was amused at the levels Shawn would try and go to get his way. Shawn noticed that Justin wasn't bothered and huffed, trying the negotiation method.

"Please Justin! If you let me watch another one with you, I'm slowly learning more and more how to get used to it so it won't be as scary," he explained, please, I won't cry this time."

"It's not about you crying, Shawn. It's about you being scared out of your mind for days and unable to fall asleep because you let yourself become so freaked out, so no."

"Please?" Tears welled up in Shawn's eyes and Justin huffed loudly in frustration. "You know what, fine. We'll watch another one but you cannot sleep in my room if you get scared and if you start complaining about being scared, I will bust your butt. Understood?" Justin lifted Shawn's chin with two fingers, looking into his deep brown eyes.

Shawn nodded, kind of nervous now because of Justin's threat, but he wanted to be able to go to the haunted house with Brian in a few weeks so he had to get over his fear now.

Justin felt a sense of Deja vu as he sat down next to Shawn, turning on a movie. Shawn's eyes were glued to the screen and he squeezed his pillow tightly as he anticipated the scare factor in the movie.

Justin took glances at Shawn to see if he needed him to turn the movie off, as harsh as he sounded earlier, he wasn't gonna have his baby brother terrified if he could stop it. So far Shawn was looking like a rock of stone, no emotion, just watching.

Justin was impressed, still he was curious if it were a front. He squeezed Shawn's hand in comfort and Shawn told him he was fine and smiled his usual cute smile.

Shawn was a terrified, nervous wreck on the inside and he wanted to turn the movie off but he remembered the threat that Justin had given him so he couldn't say anything. When the movie was finally over, Shawn felt like crying but he kept it to himself.

Justin knew that movie bothered Shawn, he was too calm about it. Justin sighed to himself as he went upstairs to check on Shawn. Shawn was getting ready for bed rather slowly because he wasn't ready to turn out his light.

"Lights out pumpkin," Justin said suddenly, causing Shawn's heart to skip a beat. He nodded and crawled into bed, allowing Justin to cut off the light. Shawn buried himself under his blankets and shivered, whimpering because of what they watched.

It had been a few days of this and Shawn wasn't getting any better. He was full of anxiety and would jump at any surprises. Justin was in his bedroom, writing some lyrics when Shawn came inside, face red and full of tears. Justin's assumption seemed to be correct in his mind, seeing how Shawn reacted.


"Yes Shawn?"

"I know you said I couldn't s-sleep with you, but can't you just spank me and give me another punishment? I-I'm scared and I don't wanna be by myself." He hiccuped and cried his sentence out.

Justin sighed and motioned for him to come over. Shawn made his way over and sat on Justin's lap, crying. "I told you this would happen Shawn, baby I'm sorry you're scared, but why are you so concerned about these scary movies?" He asked rubbing up and down the crying teenager's spine.

"Brian likes them and I don't wanna seem like a baby because I'm scared of them, I like hanging out with my friends," He sniffled, wiping away some tears. Justin kissed Shawn's face and rubbed his spine.

"Baby, Brian likes to hang out with you for you. I'm sure that if you're afraid of something he's not gonna make you do it, right? You've been friends for a long time." Justin inquired, Shawn nodded and snuggled close.

"I'm gonna let you stay with me baby but not before I punish you since I made a promise." Shawn nodded, "y-yes sir," and laid over Justin's lap. Justin pulled Shawn's shorts down, leaving him in a pair of black briefs.

Justin raised his hand and brought it down hard, causing Shawn to whimper. As Justin began to steadily spank his brother, Shawn cried, gripping the sheets of Justin's bed. Justin landed two hard spanks on his upper thighs, causing Shawn to yelp in pain.

"No more scary movies, understand?" Justin ordered, Shawn cried his eyes out, "Y-yes sir!" He sniffled, wanting his punishment to be over. After 5 more smacks, Justin stopped and pulled Shawn close, kissing his face.

Shawn was frustrated with his burning butt but he'd prefer a burning butt and cuddle with his big brother than being terrified in the dark in his room. Justin ran his fingers through Shawn's hair gently.

"Night night, my baby." He murmured in his ear, kissing Shawn's cheek. "I love you," He said to the crying teen. Shawn sniffled and cuddled closer to Justin, drifting off asleep. Justin held Shawn close, rubbing his back before drifting off as well.

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