EXCERPT: Stolen Magic

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Author: Char Webster

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Copyright 2019 © Char Webster

Chapter One

300 years ago

"Stop! I can't do this," Damian rasped as he backed away from the shocked faces of his beloved bride and the village mystic high priestess. He took a second to stare at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and knew he was breaking her heart. "I'm sorry. I can't." He was crushing his heart as well.

Damian spun around and escaped up the flower strewn aisle, fleeing from the only woman he would ever love. He couldn't look at the stunned faces of their families and friends. He needed to get away from there before he changed his mind and begged her for forgiveness.

After passing the last row of benches in the clearing, he veered off toward the line of thick trees where a tall cloaked figure stood in the shadows. The hatred he felt for that man made Damian quake with rage.

"What have you done?"

"You can't have her magic, Pravus." Damian's hands were fisted so tightly that his knuckles were turning white.

"You owe me. If you would have combined your life force with hers, the magic in both of you would have increased tenfold." Pravus stepped closer.

"Not her." Damian felt like a knife was twisting in his gut at the thought of this evil creature getting close to his Aria.

"Need I remind you that your brother owed me a blood debt that now falls to you?"

Damian gritted his teeth and refused to answer.

Pravus heaved his shoulders and exhaled in fury. "You have until the next full moon."

Damian closed his eyes tightly and took a deep breath before he nodded stiffly. When he opened them, Pravus was gone, and so was his only chance at happiness. Taking off running through the trees, he tried to escape the agony settling into his chest, but it was too late. He'd lost everything.




The repeated sound of his name brought Damian back to the present.

"Damian. D!" Aedan called out, clearly annoyed.

"Sorry," Damian mumbled picking at the seeded bread on his favorite sandwich, a Jersey Mike's Original Italian Hoagie.

Aedan threw a jalapeño kettle potato chip at his friend, hitting him in the forehead. He figured that would get Damian's attention.

The chip bounced off and landed on the table in between them. Damian didn't seem to notice that something hit him. Normally, he would have retaliated and an all-out food fight would have commenced. Aedan was a little disappointed at Damian's lack of response.

"What's with you? You've been spacing out all week."

Damian didn't tilt his face up, but just continued to tear at his roll.

"D! Seriously, man, what's up with you?" This was not the jokester Aedan was used to seeing.

"Nothing. I'm fine. We've been hitting it hard lately. I just need some rest."

Aedan regarded him in disbelief. "You never get tired. You're the one who's always pushing to track down a few more rouge supernaturals."

Damian shrugged. "Everyone gets tired at some point. Come on, let's get out of here."

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