Chapter nine

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Recap: The secret is out about Suraj love toward Chakor.

Ajay was looking with Laksh and Karan something for Chakor, "what does she like?" He asked them and both smirked, "Suraj." They giggled like small children.

Ajay rolls his eyes, "are you guys mad. Just tell me what she likes."

Laksh and Karan looked at each other, "us!" They pointed to each other and smiled, "haan us, she likes us."

Ajay hits his forehead with his palm, "why I am even talking to you two. Useless fellows." He shouts and the two felt bad, "we will complain about you." They said and he frowns at them, "to whom?"

Both looked at each other, "Suraj or Chakor. One of them will definitely scold you." They said and were looking around.

"Flowers are always good." Karan said and Laksh nods, "right. We will buy her flowers and chocolates." Both were sure to it and Ajay rolls his eyes, "fine. Chocolate and flowers come on choose the best."

Laksh was looking for the chocolate. Uhm I like milk chocolate with hazelnuts, she too must be liking it. If not I will eat it, it won't get wasted.

Karan was looking around. Oh God so many flowers, roses are the meaning of love, but only the red ones. What about the other colors? Haan let's take the white ones.

LakRan come back with their choices and Ajay bought it on their demands.

Suraj was waiting for Chakor, she was still at the brothel and working. If the inspector comes and takes revenge on her I will kill him. He has to stay away from her or I'll go mad.

Chakor come down, she looked at him he was lost in his thoughts, when Deep and Sid appears in front of her, "Chakor go home and don't look at him. Just go."

Chakor lowers her gaze and left from there, Suraj stood up and looked at them in confusion, just then he saw the jeep of the inspector.

"We can't let her go alone." Suraj said to them.

Deep was holding his hand, "wait please, we can't show that she effects us only then he will get to know. If we ignores it then she will be save. Trust me."

Sid nods, "Suraj he is right, please stay calm for her sake. She is strong enough. She had survived in the past and she will survive in future too."

Suraj took a deep breath, he nods and calms down. He was sitting on his regular place on the roadway opposite to the brothel.

Chakor was moving from there, the inspector stopped his jeep, he looked at Chakor with lust, "wait where are you going?" He stopped her, by holding her wrist.

Chakor fumes, she turns and gave him a right slap, "how dare you to touch me?!" She shouts at him.

Deep and Sid sat next to Suraj, the three were staring at Chakor with blinking eyes and open mouths.

The inspector hold his cheek, "how dare you?" He shouts and Chakor stood there like a statue, "how dare I? How dare you to touch me without my permission. I'm a woman, only female police inspector are allowed to touch me. Don't forget the law." She said in anger and left from there.

The three were still numb looking at the show, which took please a few seconds ago.

"Damn She is good." They said and Suraj nods, he signs of relief. "Should we go?"

Sid shook his head, "not yet, he is coming to us." He said and they waited for him.

The inspector rubs his cheek, he come toward them, "you guys I have a search warrant for your cottage. Come let's have a look."

He smirks and the boys stood up, Chakor was fuming the whole way to her home. How dare he, this asshole has touched me. He will pay for it I'm not weak. I will show that bastard where he belongs to be.

Chakor opens the door, "surprise!" The trio come out of nowhere.

Chakor let a scream out, "oh my God. What are you. Laksh your shoulder." She was scared and looked at him as the blood starts to ooze from his injury.

Karan hits him, "I told you to be careful. His shirt yaar."

Laksh pouts, "I haven't done it initially. It happens my wound opens by itself."

Chakor shook her head, "have you two lost your mind. Please Laksh I don't care about the shirt I can wash it away. Now take it off."

Laksh nods and Karan helps him out of the shirt, Ajay looked around, "Chakor where are the three?" He asked and Chakor shrugs, "I don't know, the two told me to ignore them as the inspector come."

The three widen their eyes, "Damn it."

Karan gave her the bandage, disinfection spray and ointment.

Chakor cleans his wound first.

Ajay smiles, "soft enough?" He asked and Laksh nodded with a big smirk on his face.

Chakor applied the ointment on his wound and he hisses in pain, "shh don't overreact you are a big boy."

Karan shook his head, "he is the baby." Ajay nods, "true."

Chakor smiles, "wait I will make you food."

Ajay and Karan stopped her, "better you don't enter the kitchen, actually we were trying to make it easier for you, but I guess we have made you more work than necessary."

Chakor nods, "okay and the food is ready?"

Laksh hold her hand, "no bhabhi, no food is ready and the kitchen is looking like a mess."

Chakor nods, "okay, just don't enter the kitchen again. How is that?"

Karan and Ajay nods, "fine."

Laksh nods too, "okay everything for you."

Chakor smiles, "uhm the other three?"

Ajay smiles, "oh they are absolutely fine."

"You want what? See our cottage because you have a search warrant?" Deep asked and Suraj was suppressing his laugh.

"You know we are living on the streets? Here!" Sid shows to the same spot they use to sleep every night in the presence of the whole colony.

Suraj shook his head, "whatever you want to see you can. It's openly visible in front of you. If we need to go to the washroom, we use the public bathroom, there. If we need to shower, we wait for the next rainfall. And about the food, whatever comes we eat it. Haan our clothes are at the brothel. Like you know our connection to them. Don't make a mistake we have more friends than you can think." He warns him and the inspector left in anger.

Laksh was looking for the food, "bhabhi I'm starving!" Karan too was demanding, "haan bhabhi me too."

Chakor smiles at them, "I had to clean the mess you had created in my kitchen." She was so calm that it was freaking them.

Ajay smiles looking at them, "enough, she is making so much for us. You can't just order is."

Laksh pouts, "I'm not ordering. I'm asking her."

Karan nods widely with his head.

They heard a knock.

Ajay stood up, he checked on the door before  opening it.

Suraj, Deep and Sid come in, "see home."

Karan and Laksh said.

Ajay glares at them.

"Food is ready." Chakor said and they looked at her.

Food time
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