Chapter 2.

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Dejan was sleeping on his bed when his phone rang. Shawn (27) is his assistant in business.

Dejan: "Hello"
Shawn: "Hey boss, You're there? Come on we gotta attend the meeting"
Dejan: "yeah . I'm on my way, you better be there on time"
Shawn chuckled.
Shawn: "For sure boss"
Call ended.

Dejan turned to the other side and saw maria sleeping beside him naked.
He smiled.

Dejan: "Morning, beautiful"
Maria slowly opened her eyes, Revealing the seducing Blue shade inside her iris.
Dejan Leaned closer and kissed on her lips.
Dejan: "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life"
[he said smiling]
Maria smiled.
Maria: "and you're the most Craziest beast I've ever seen in my life"
Dejan and maria chuckled.
And cuddled for a little while.

Maria: "So when are we gonna get married?"
Dejan: "Very soon hun"
Maria: "Dej"
Dejan started wearing his shirt.
Dejan: "Uh huh?"
Maria: "Promise me you will never leave me"
Dejan looked at Maria.
He smiled at her and kissed on her forehead.
Dejan: "Oh i promise that baby, But right now I gotta go. I have a meeting to attend"
Maria: "I'm missing you already"
Dejan: "Well, you should be"
Dejan stood up, corrected his suit and left the bedroom.

He left his mansion and went to the office.

Shawn: "Good morning, Looks like someone is all refreshed after the last night party"
[he said smirking]
Dejan: "Hehe, can say so. I killed maria last night"
Shawn: "woah, bro I trust you in this."
They chuckled.
Dejan: "So what's the update about kris? Did you guys found him yet?"
Shawn went silent.
Dejan: "Shall I take that as A yes?"
[he asked As his anger rises]
Shawn: "We're trying our best"
Dejan: "I don't want No Assurity, I want my money Shawn. That son of a bitch owes me 5 million dollars and what do you think I'm gonna let him slip away with all my money. No boy, No. This ain't right."
He said as his Pitch started rising.
Dejan:" Look you boy, I'm giving you 48 hours. In next 48 hours, i want this man under my custody. Or else you're gonna be the one paying me my money. Cause I didn't hired you to crack shitty jokes or Fuck around with sluts, I WANT YOU TO BRING ME THE PEOPLE I WANT ASAP. DO YOU GOT MY POINT?"
[he said in an frightening tone]
Shawn was scared.
Shawn: "ye.... Yes boss"
[he yelled]
Shawn left, shawn was stunned seeing how dejan's mood changes in just few minutes.

Dejan thinking:
"kris is messing with the bad guy here. He don't know who the fuck dejan Wincent is. If i can be a sweet guy with my loved ones Than I can be a Nasty beast to my enemies as well. And now this man is testing my patience. Well I aint gonna disappoint him if he's expecting punishments from me. He doesn't know I'm a damn sadist, I love seeing people Struggling when I punish them. He is going to regret this all of his life."

                    Rose's Apartment

Mona called rose for breakfast.
Rose came to the kitchen and sat on the chair at the dining table.
Rose: "Wow pancakes"
Mona smiled.
Mona: "You love them. Didn't you?"
Rose cheerfully nodded yes.
Mona sighed.
Mona: "Honey, I wanted to talk to you about something very important"
Rose looked at his mother while she continued to eat.
Rose: "What is it maa?"
Mona sat beside rose.
Mona: "Honey, what I'm about to say to you now is something very very serious. I'm extremely sorry that I didn't discuss with you about it before. But you've gotta understand that there were some serious circumstances under which I had to take this decision, my love"
[she said with numbness in her voice]
Rose's heart started beating faster.
Rose: "What are you talking about mother?"
Mona took a deep breath.
Mona: "Honey, I have found a perfect groom for you as you are now in your age to be married."
Rose was shocked. She stopped eating.
Rose:" What? "
Mona:" Yes honey, And I'm so sorry that i didn't asked for your opinion. I have fixed your marriage with matilda's son dejan"
[she said as few tears fell off her eyes]
Rose was still stunned. She sat quitely.
Mona: "Rose, Honey believe me. Dejan is a good guy, He is a gentleman he will always keep you happy and he will for sure love you my child. You guys are made for each others."
[she said smilingly]
Rose looked at her mother.
Mona: "Please say something honey"
Rose: "I...... I did not expected this mother. I mean how can you just.... You just... Do you even know anything about that guy, or how do I feel about him. He is like multiple years older to me, and you just, Mom i don't believe this. I seriously don't"
[she said as she began to cry]
Mona quickly took rose in her arms.
Mona: "I'm so sorry honey. But i was So helpless. I'm sorry, You already know how much struggle we both had faced in our lives. And dejan he is the wealthiest businessman of this city, If you marry him, all of our problems will fade away honey. And I'm sure you'll fall in love with him, cause he really is a nice guy. Please, I request you, do this for me honey"
[she said requesting]
Rose looked at her mother for a brief moment.
She sighed and nodded yes.
Rose left for her bedroom.

Rose thinking:
"Why do mom have to do this. I don't even know him that much, The only time i met him was when I was in highschool, I was just 15 back then and he was the Special guest for the annual function in the highschool. I seriously don't think this is gonna work. How am I supposed to be with a guy who's double my age. I'm just 19 right now."

To be continued....

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