~Chapter Three~

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*Next Day*

"We will now start the final exam. When your name is called proceed to the testing room. The final test will be on the clone jutsu." Iruka announced.

Naruto was silently freaking out beside me. I pat his back gently. "Calm down, " He looked shocked. "Just believe in yourself and you'll be able to do anything." I smiled.

He gave me a real smile. "Thanks Sora-chan."

"Sora Hatake." Iruka called.

"That's me," I said standing. "Later Naruto-kun." I walked into the testing room.

Iruka was on the left and Mizuki on the right. The headbands were alined on the desk in front of them. "Create three affective clone's."

I nodded and made the clone seal. Three clone's appeared, glancing around the room. "Do we pass?" One asked.

Iruka smiled. "Well done, you pass." He handed me a leaf headband. I undid the jutsu and tied it around my neck...just like how my mother wore hers. I bowed in respect.

"Thank you."

Walking out of the room, I spotted Naruto. He still looked nervous. He saw me and ran over. "Congratulations Sora-chan."

"Thanks Naruto-kun." I smiled. "Good luck and believe in yourself. I'll see you when we get set up into teams."

"Your leaving?" He questioned.

I nodded. "I have to visit someone."

*Time Skip*

"I graduated today." I whispered softly, my hand resting on my mother's grave. "You probably already knew that...I miss you.." I said sadly.

Hearing footsteps made me look up. "Ah there you are Sora-chan." My dad sighed in relief. "I heard you graduated, I'm proud of you." He pulled me into a tight hug. "She's proud of you too." He whispered.

I wrapped my arms around him, a single tear slid down my face. He patted my head gently. "Let's go home to celebrate, okay?" I nodded in agreement.

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