69. A rose in his name.

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Monica looked at her fingers after Lucius finally let go of her her hands "This is beautiful." She cried hugging him.

"Just like you." He whispered. "Just like you."

She didn't know why she was tearing up but she was. They were tears of joy though. She was finally happy after a long time of sadness.

In one night Lucius had given her more happiness than she had had in her 23 years of living. She was so grateful to him, she would do anything, anything he asked her to do.

"Oh please Don't cry," he pleaded "I don't like to see you cry. You deserve more than this my love, I'll give you the world." He soothed her patting her back in a sensuous way. "Shh."

"Thanks." She sniffed letting go of him. ,Thank you so much."

"Never let go of the ring. It is to protect you." He took her ring finger_ where he had placed the ring in his palm_then he started showing her what the ring was made for. "Here was made with the finest silver and in it salmon is mixed with my blood. It will protect you from all magic.  Both from vampires, wolves and warlocks. They will not be able to use their powers on you."

It melted her heart how he seemed to always think about her safety before anything else.

She was about to hug him_to kiss him all over and probably give him a good early morning fuck when someone knocked on the door

"Who dares disturb me." Lucius growled startling whoever it was that knocked.

He winked at Monica and she chuckled.

"It is me master. Remember the coronation is today. The elders have asked me to seek  you out so that we can prepare for the event. I'm sorry if I interrupted your sleep but this is important." The soft voice of Sarah filled the room.

"What coronation?" Monica asked her eyes widening like saucers. She didn't know what to think about what she had just heard Sarah say. So Clarissa was right, they are going to crown me Queen. Monica thought.

She was overwhelmed by countless emotions.

"Yours mate! After the night of sin the Vampire officially mates with his soul mate in a festival called the dark night but in my case as the king. It will be your coronation as Queen. The queen of my heart and the queen of this kingdom."

Monica could not believe her ears she was going to really be Queen.

Lucius kissed her forehead. "Stay put. I will be right back." He promised.

Monica blew him a kiss and he blinked out of the room.

It is essential that Lucius attends the meeting of elders, if it wasn't he would not have left Monica behind.

He wanted her to be with him always which was all the more reason why he had to hasten the coronation. He could not wait for her to be the Queen.

Monica kept staring at the ring with a grin on her face_ it was so beautiful and magical. If it was to be in the human world this would have meant her marriage to Lucius, she thought as she smiled.

Her eyes involuntary shifted to the bedside table where it caught sight with a rose.

There was a small paper underneath the rose and it read.

A rose to adorn your hair with my love. It is just as beautiful as you are. Hold it in my name.

Monica smiled, Lucius could be so romantic_ she thought. She was about to pick the rose when someone knocked on the door.

She was torn as to what she should do first_Pick the rose or open the door? But the rose looked so beautiful she could not help it.

Besides whoever was knocking could not be that important right? It must be one of the maids, Monica contemplated eying the rose.

Book 1 ends here loves.

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