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Today was miners day. It was basically a fund raiser. It had to do with the history of Storybrook. Something about trading for coal or something. I don’t really remember the story. Which im surprised because I have heard it a million times since I have been in school. There was a carnival type thing for the day. I have helped set up, Mary Margret convinced me to help. I felt bad for her, no one would help with selling the nuns candles. Because of the whole affair thing. I walked to Mary Margret's stand for the candles and saw Leroy standing there with her. Why would he be helping with the nuns candles? Hes the most uncharitable person in town.

‘’Hey, liz’’Mary Margret said smiling at me

‘’Hey, guys. I will buy 2 candles’’I said taking my wallet from my purse. I handed the money to Leroy and Mary Margret handed me the candles.

‘’How’s it going?’’I asked

‘’Not so good. But it will get better’’Mary Margret said. Leroy scoffed and I glared at him slightly.

''How are you doing?''Mary MARgret asked with a sympathetic look on her face.

''Im fine. Good luck selling candles, see you guys later''i said walking from them and to the car.. I got in and set my purse and the candles in the passanger seat. I started the car and I drove.

I walked through the grass, a bouquet of pink roses in one hand and a candle in the other. I walked past the tombstones that were scattered around the area. I found the one that I needed and I sat down on the grass in front. It was Graham’s tombstone.

‘’Hey, Graham’’I said. I set the roses against the tombstone. The other flowers that people had left, that I had left as well, were dead. I picked them up and set them aside. I reached into my purse and grabbed a match box. I opened it and took out a match. I scraped the match across the box and the small fire lit. I picked the candle up and I lite it with the match. I set it down on the grass, close to me.

‘’Its miners day. I know you love miners day. I remember going with you every year, you would buy me a candle because you knew how much I love them. You never knew why I loved them so much, I don’t know why  either.’’

I took a deep breath.

‘’You have missed a lot. So much. I wish you were here Graham, I miss you.’’

A tear ran down my face and I wiped it.

‘’God im so sick of crying.’’ I said laughing slightly before pulling my long hair into a pony tail.

‘’Let me tell you everything, so your caught up with the latest storybrooke drama’’

I said. I spent hours just explaining everything that has happened since hes been gone. I told him about  Emma taking over his job, about the children that Emma brought back to their father, about Henry;s castle being torn down and his storybook getting lost but Emma found it, about David and Mary Margret, about that new guy that came into town and had a interest in Emma. I didn’t know if he could hear me or not. Frankly, I didn’t care. Just thinking that he could hear me, made me feel better.

‘’Well that’s everything. I know it’s a lot. Goodnight, Graham’’I said grabbing the candle and standing up. I blew it out and I set it down on the grass. I patted the top of the tombstone before walking away. I got to the car and I drove home. I unlocked the apartment and I walked to my room. I closed the door and I took the candle out of my purse. I set it down on my vanity, next to the other one from last year. It was almost melted all the way. I picked it up and smiled at it before putting it in the small garbage can that was below my vanity.I grabbed the matches from my purse and I lit the new candle. I smiled before I got up i brushed Graham's jacket before going out of the room.

Authors note:

I wrote short chapters today, i know. But in the last couple epsiodes i couldnt really find a way to fit her into. But almost time for season 2! im really exited! I have good plans for Season 2! Maybe some more flashbacks!

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