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Colby woken up to the sound of yelling downstairs. He was startled at first but then realized that his roommates were just filming a video. His arm was sore, and very much red and puffy. "I'll act like I'm okay, act like nothing happened yesterday." I got out of bed reluctantly and found my Take Chances hoodie and my blacked ripped jeans. As I was putting on my clothes when I couldn't help but hear Sam talking to someone in his room.
"I don't know what to do with Colby. He seems so different now."
"I haven't noticed. Why would you say that Colby is different?"
"He got so angry with me and basically told me he hated me. To be honest he was just a jerk to me." I couldn't listen to them anymore. Walking down the stairs I found that basically everyone was sitting in the living room. Pushing all my feelings away, I walked to my roommates.
"What you guys doing?"
"Aaron and Jake are having a gaming tournament." Devyn's voice drifted from beside me.
"Oh. Sounds like fun." I sat down beside Devyn.
"Are you okay Colby?" Devyn turned to me, trying to looked at me.
"Yeah, I'm good." Watching Jake trying to run Aaron off the road. I could feel Devyn look at me but I simply just ignored it.
"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!" Jake yelled at Aaron.
"I DON'T KNOW! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Aaron yelled back. I smiled at their bickering. Suddenly there was a lot of clattering down the stairs as Sam and Corey ran down the stairs.
"How's the game going?" Sam asked, trying to catch my eye. Sam sat down beside me trying very hard to catch my eye but I just continued to watch Jake and Aaron play their game. Sam leaned forward, his eyes following mine.
"Hey um Colby, are you okay?" Sam's soft voice whispered gently to me. For some reason I pulled my arm closer to my body as he spoke.
"Yeah, I'm fine Sam." I turned to look at him, acting like nothing happened last night.
"Are you sure Colby?" Sam looked deep into my eyes, trying to find anything I might be hiding from him.
"I'm okay Sam, I promise." I felt myself cringe as I lied straight to Sam's face. I felt my phone vibrate and I knew it was Brennen. Brennen was asking if I wanted to film a video with him.
"Hey, I'm going out." I stood up, looking at Sam.
"Okay. When are you coming back?"
I just shrugged, not knowing when I'll be back.

Sam's pov
There was knock on my door and my first thought was Colby.
"Come in." I called out to whom may be outside my door. I was kinda surprised that it was Corey instead of Colby.
"What's up Corey?" I offered him to sit down.

"I was just wondering what happened last night, with Colby. I mean you don't have to talk about it if you don't want to."

"Oh, me and Colby kinda got into a fight. I don't know what to do with Colby. He seems so different now."

"I haven't noticed. Why would you say that Colby is different?"
"He just doesn't seem okay. I don't really want to talk about it Corey. I'm sorry."
"Hey Sammy, it's okay brother."
I could hear Jake and Aaron yelling at each other and decided to go see them. Corey followed me down the stairs as we went to go see the rest of the roommates. I was surprised to see Colby sitting beside Devyn. Colby was actually smiling. He acted like nothing happened.
"How's the game going?" I ask, trying to catch Colby's eye. I stood there for a bit before I sat down beside Colby, a little nervous. I tried to catch Colby's eye again but ultimately gave up. I followed Colby's gaze to Jake and Aaron, leaning forward.
"Hey um Colby, are you okay?" I gently whispered.
"Yeah, I'm fine Sam." Colby turned to me, seeming perfectly fine.
"Are you sure Colby?" I looked deep into his eyes trying find anything.
"I'm okay Sam, I promise." Colby said blankly before he turned to his phone.
"Hey, I'm going out. Colby stood up suddenly.
"Okay. When are you coming back?" I asked. Colby shrugged, obviously not knowing when. I felt a sigh escape my lips.
"Oh Colby, please just talk to me."

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