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Mimi wake up mana it's 7:25am.
God Laila you are soo annoying you take everything soo serious.
Trust me this man will be in school by 9:00am she said and sit up.

Have you wake them Deedee am sure they are snoring there life out in that room.
Everyone is up except for you and meela and am sure hafsat has kicked her ass up that bed.

Well lemme find something to wear she said going through her wardrobe.

Won't you take a shower.

I thought I bath yesterday night and am assuring you that i dont race in my dream.

Laila roll her eyes alright lemme go checked on others she said and walked out of the room.

Woah laila thanks goodness you are here i thought we were together yesterday when faruk said he has a crush on ariya ishaa said with a squeak.

Jeez what will i do with that freak he should definitely go for laila I think they are perfectly match ariya said with a snort.

What the hell laila you left mimi in that room am sure she is going bac......heard you intee am fully dressed you prick mimi said coming inside the room.

Jeez this room look like shit mimi said siting on the bed.
You girls should hurry up let's hit this lectures at the right time.

We all know you are having a thing with Mr Meera so there is no need for pretending you want to hit the lecture at the right time miss.
ishaa said applying some mascara.

Is it because he came to visit me the other day.
Am assuring you girls there is nothing between us we are just friends.

Who sent a friend goodnight sms and called at 1:00am to checked if she is doing fine what a wonderful friendship laila said with a smirk.

Laila you thought nobody knows about your secret rendezvous with Mr A.A ALKALI khadijah yell from the bathroom.

Jeez Deedee your level of eavesdropping it's unbelievable at times hafsat said laughing.

Meela can you help me with those 6inch hill you bought yesterday hafsat said adjusting her blouse.

Over here babe she said raising her two legs.

Hafsat snort well can someone be a sweetheart and give me something to put on my legs.

Check over the wordrobe there akwai wasu da Abdul ya siyo mun jiya am sure you will find one deedee said Coming out of the bathroom.

Yanzu ke deedee look at the time you are coming out from the bathroom,
For Christ sake when will we reach school inteesar said with an eyeroll.

Toh miss maturity nifa banche kowa ya jirani Dan yau daya you are done before me shine zaki wani mun surutu don't let me spit what am not supposed to this early morning.

Deedee will be claiming i know everyone's little secret ariya said smiling.

"dont get me wrong I love eavesdropping and gossip so what.
I will stalked you girls to death because i love you all deedee said adjusting her bra.

Awww sweetheart i love you too hafsat said smiling.

You are the best ariya said and kiss her Chic.

I hate your ego meela said with a smirk.

But she is soo beautiful mimi said wiping fake tears.

You are my favorite chuckty ishaa said.

I love your TEETH inteesar yell.

TEETH they all said.

I know am a bitch inteesar said stifling her laugh.

"But you are our bitch you big goof."
Deedee said smacking her on the back.

Group hug!!"laila says in the highest,most fake and disgusting voice ever head.

Hello buddies!!
Love you😘
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