Twenty two

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We arrived at our house and we saw everyone else outside the house waiting for us. We walked up and I unlocked the door. All of us walked in and sat in the lounge area.

Jack-"I'm hungry."

Ella-"You always are."


Brook-"What food do we have?"

Mikey-"Anything really."

Rye-"Shotgun not cooking."


Ava-"Well I cant cook."

Soph-"Yeah, we know."

Emily-"I'll cook."

Isla-"I'll help you."

They got up and I showed them where everything was and they started to cook. Alex and Robbie came down too and they met the girls.

When dinner was ready we all sat down and Isla and Emily handed out the food. They made spaghetti and meatballs.


Ava-"I'm sorry, did you say spagotoo?"


Ava-"Ok then..."

We just laughed at them and carried on eating. The girls got along with Alex and Robbie well too.

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