Twenty one

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Today the boys, girls and I were all going to our new house that we had bought about a week ago. I'm one car was me, Isla, Rye, Soph and Jack. Ella, Mikey, Brook, Emily and Ava went in another.

Jack-"I've been thinking."

Andy-"Oh no."

Jack-"Rude. Where is everyone going to sleep?"

Isla-"God, you sound like me." She laughed.

Andy-"We'll sort it out later."

It had been about 30 minutes in the car and Rye spoke.

Rye-"Ok, so knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit."

Andy-"And wisdom is knowing not to put it in a salad."


Soph-"Philosophy is wondering is ketchup is a smoothie."

Jack-"That was deep."

Isla-"Common sense is knowing that ketchup is not a smoothie you idiots."

Rye-"Way to ruin it." He joked.

Soph-"Honestly Isla."

Isla-"I'm sorry you all lack common sense."

We all just laughed. It was a fun car ride back to the house and I enjoyed sitting next to Isla.

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