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Mikey-"What happened?!" He said rushing to Ella's side as did the rest of us.

Ella-"There's a spider!"

Brook-"A what?!" I said jumping onto the couch.

Isla-"Shoes off Brooklyn." She said from the kitchen, I took them off.

Rye-"It's only a spider." He laughed.

Ava-"Spider!" "I hate spiders!" She walked into the living room then joined us on the couch.

Andy-"It's not even that big."

Emily-"I can't deal with you all right now."

Brook-"Spiders are the worst thing!" I defended.

Soph-"You do realise you can come down from the couch now."

The girls and I got down but we're careful where we stepped, not wanting to step on the spider of course. Not really for its wellbeing but for ours.

Ella-"Did anyone get the spider?" She asked a while after it happened.


Ella-"It's still in the house?"


Jack-"I'll get it before you all start crying again."

Ava-"We weren't crying!"

Andy-"You were about to though."

Ava fake sulked in her chair and crossed her arms.

Rye-"Spider! Ahhh! Oh no, a spider!" He mimicked.

Mikey-"AGHHHH!" He said mimicking Ella.

Ella-"Oh get lost."

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