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Jack-"What food do they do here?"

Emily-"Why don't you read the menu."

Jack-"I knew that." I coughed and she laughed.

We were in the restaurant that had been recommended to us by Isla. It was quite nice and they did Italian food.

Ava-"I just want pizza." "Just a normal pizza."

Jack-"There it is." I pointed at her menu to where it was.

Ava-"Says the boy who didn't even pick it up in the first place. Now you're the expert." She said and we laughed.

We had finished ordering and our food had came very quickly.

Rye-"Would you like some of mine?" He asked and everyone said yes apart from Soph and Isla.

Brook-"Do you two not like pepperoni?"

Soph-"I'm vegetarian."

Isla-"I don't eat pork."

Jack-"What?!" They just nodded.

Ella-"Soph has been veggie since we were like 12." She joined the conversation.

Isla-"No, first she was pescetarian or pesco-vegetarian if that's what you want to call it."

Andy-"What's the difference?"

Isla-"Nothing, it's just some people like to be called one or the other and sometimes call themselves vegetarians because pescatarianism is just a branch of vegetarianism."

Mikey-"How do you know all this?"

Soph-"She's just good at knowing random facts."

Rye-"I mean not a bad skill to have."

When we were done with our food it was getting light outside.

Brook-"Can someone call a taxi? I don't have my phone."

Ava and Emily-"Neither do I."

Soph-"Mine ran out of battery ages ago."

Mikey-"So we're stuck?"

Andy-"Well there's still Rye, Jack, Isla and Ella so..."

Rye-"No just Jacky boy, Isla and Ella."

Jack-"Mate, you really think we can get a taxi big enough?"

Isla-"No but we can get a train." "Also I can't believe you didn't bring your phones."

Ella-"I was about to order a taxi."  laughed and so did we.

We made our way to the train station and waited for the next train. We weren't waiting for long so we were home quickly. As soon as we hit back we all went to sleep because it was really early in the morning.

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