Dads- Merome Parts 1- 8

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Ahhhhhh so this was an 8 part series that deleted itself??? I don't know where this part went but it disappeared off my book, but I had the work saved elsewhere soooooo... here. Have it back.

Also tell me if I'm just being an idiot but I swear it was near to the beginning right before Hybrids and it's not there anymore...

Part 1

Jerome's P.O.V.

I ran along the hallway, chasing a young boy in red pyjamas. His blonde hair was bobbing up and down and I could hear his squeals as he continued to crawl before he ran straight into Mitch, standing at the other end of the hallway. He was extremely mobile for a 6 month old, he had started crawling early and was already moving fast, his knees covered in bruises.

"Got ya!" He was scooped up into Mitch's arms and then thrown into the air, his giggles and happy squeals making their way to my ears.

I bounced the young boy resting at my hip, moving the 3 month old up to my shoulder. He didn't react, just nestled into my shoulder and closed his eyes. I gently scraped his thin fringe of black hair out of his eyes, kissing his forehead and bounced him up and down again, his chubby hands clutching onto my t-shirt.

Mitch had the blonde baby in his arms, tickling his feet and laughing along with him, holding him close. I kissed him gently, watching carefully as he yawned and reached his hand out for his brother, who was now asleep on my shoulder.

"I think these two need to go to sleep, are the other two already asleep?" Mitch nodded and reached out for the younger boy, taking him from me and carrying both of them to their room, which was just down the hallway.

Their room was painted red and blue, the favourite colours of the two when we painted it. At least, those were the colours they seemed to reach out for the most. The blonde boy, Lachlan, had opened his bright blue eyes and was looking at me before reaching his arms out for me and letting out a quiet whine.

I picked him up out of Mitch's arms and started to bounce him up and down gently, watching as Mitch laid the youngest of the children down to sleep in his bassinet. Lachlan was in a cot now and although it was recommended to keep young children in the same room as you, we didn't have the room and used a baby monitor instead.

On my shoulder, Lachlan started to wail and Vikk opened his eyes so I hurried him out of the room, hoping Mitch would be able to get Vikk back to sleep without any drama.

I started to rock him again, hoping he would settle down again but he continued to cry, kicking his legs on occasion. At 6 months old this was nothing out of the ordinary, but somehow, Vikk, who was 3 months younger, was much less emotional, he rarely cried, was easy to sleep and never fussy.

"Dad?" I looked down to see the oldest of the four children, Rob, at four, tugging at the knee of my jeans and looking up at the fussing Lachlan, a teddy bear clutched in his arms.

"Come on, we'll go down to the living room." I took him by the hand helped him down the stairs, placing him on the low beanbag which we had for the boys and settling down to calm Lachlan.

"Nemo?" Rob was holding up the Finding Dory DVD in front of me and I smiled, nodding.

"I'll help you Robby." Mitch was standing in the doorway holding the second oldest child, Preston. Passing Preston on me, he knelt down and turned the television on, pushing the disk in and picking Rob up and placing him back on the beanbag.

Preston, a little green cactus toy clutched in his fingers, was trying to climb up my arm and reach out for his brother who was almost asleep and was only stopped by my free arm, pushing him back.

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