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Yerim finally opened her eyes to reveal herself standing in front of a masked girl who obviously Yerim knew was Sooyoung.

Nobody else did though, except Jimin who rolled her eyes before coming up with a cheeky idea.

"Aye Sooyoung what if I told everybody what she really is?"Jimin smirked as girls fangirled over his 'cool' attitude which was more like a douchebag one.


"eek! The princess and the prince?"

"Why would they he hanging out with her though?"

"What did Jimin mean about what's her?"

Sooyoung narrowed her eyes at Jimin.

"Stop being annoying now, let's go Yerim,"Sooyoung harshly spat whilst tugging on Yerims sleeve to quickly walk away.

Jimin growled and turned to the crowd and flashed them his signature smile.

"Would you pretty please run after Sooyoung for me?"He giggles cutely making the girls and boys smile happily before running to catch up with Sooyoung.

Sooyoung and Yerim looked back at the crowd and groaned loudly.

"That son of a bitch I'm going to kill him one day,"She threatened before just picking up the incredible slow Yerim so she could run.

"S-Sooyoung watch your language!"Yerim stuttered out. She could barely speak due to all the attention she was getting and she was choking up because of those rude comments.

Sooyoung didn't reply and instead started running faster, turning the corner as if she was drifting in a racing game.

She finally reached the car and slammed it shut as fans swarmed around, looking inside.

What was also a problem was that Yerim's precious cap was gone and now everybody could see her soft white ears.

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