The Beginning Part 1

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Unknowns POV...

I don't know how much a man can take. I know that I have taken a lot through this damn life I have. I had lost my own parents early in life and was raised by an old uncle of my fathers who really didn't want to have anything to do with raising anybody else's kids.

But he was the only one that was found that was able to take me. Albeit, grudgingly.

So, after my parents died of a horrible influenza that came through the country, I found myself living in a part of the country I had not been to before. Not even when my parents were alive.

But uncle Dan took me in and I was grateful for that at the least.

By the time I was close to finishing school, I had myself a part time job. Uncle Dan always said that if you want to be succesful in life, you needed to be industrious and have a determination to succeed.

" Nothing is every really handed to you on a platter. Platters are usually held int he hands of someone else. Work in such a way that whover has the platter sets it down and walks away. But to have them do that, it means you have to be able to be trusted. So, be someone who earns trust. A trustworthy man is an honorable man. Be that man everyday in life no matter what." Uncle Dan said every now and again.

I had to think about it a lot but I eventually understood what he meant.

I like to make things wth my hands. The term they call it these days is Fabricator. So, I suppose I am a fabricator who makes things for other people. Some pieces I make are large and others are small. I even had an old lady come in once looking all nervous with a picture and measurements for this bent piece of metal. When I asked her what it was for, she said for a latch that had broken at home to her glory box.

Since she obviously could not bring the box in with her with it being so big, I went with her to her home and had her show me the box for myself. After seeing the latch and knowing that they do not make these particular latches anymore, I decided to undo the whole lathc and remodel another one for her.

Mrs Smith was ever so grateful when I came back a week later with another latch made just like the original one.

Word got around about what i did and other people came in asking for me to make whatever it was they came in with. It was mostly older ones who came in. And it was hard for people to take me seriously since I was only sixteen when I fixed Mrs Smith latch. But I remembered what my uncle taught me about being honest and gaining trust.

Which I did. I was not even seventeen when I saw her for the first time. She was with her parents. It was at my uncles funeral. Her father had been a friend of sorts with my uncle. Not that I remember him much coming around to see uncle Dan when I was there.

But he must have been since he did know my uncle well enough to share some memories of their past with me.

But it was mostly here that I saw. She was so pretty with her dark hair and greyish blueish eyes. I haven't seen anyone like her before.

I was smitten. By the time I was eighteen and her sixteen, she was my wife. I don't even know how I managed to talk her parents into allowing us to marry at such an early age. But it was like she was the light I needed to see life through each day.

I could tell that she felt the same. Her eyes lit up whenever I came into a room. She was always smiling despite the hint of sadness I saw every now and again. I wondered sometimes what it was that caused it and I asked her on a regular basis what was wrong.

It was not until after we had our second boy, which we named after my uncle that she finally told me.

" I remember another family. My real family. I was with them one day and another day I was with someone else. It is very confusing. But I remember my old name. I remember being called Emmi. But that is all I remember." She said to me one dark night when we were sitting outside on the verandah watching the night sky after supper.

We would sometimes do that together before going to bed. We would listen to all the sounds around us and play a game trying to identify them all. Sometimes we would play a game where we had to name five sounds we thought we knew.

It was not as easy as it seems. Sometimes, we would be wrong. But it gave us time to spend quietly with each other.

I can not say that I got on very well with her parents. They were, I suppose, just protective of their only daughter. Like any other parent would be. But I still did not get along with them as I saw other son in laws get along with their wives families. But I tried and that was all my girl asked of me.

Then, when our little Danny was eight, the unthinkable happened.

My girl and her mother were killed in a stupid senseless car accident that should not have happened. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time and now they were both gone. I don't know who to comfort more, my father in law, the boys or even myself. We were all lost.

Then when Danny was ten, life changed for us all again. This time it was my father in law who was driving the car that over ran a pedestrain crossing and unfortunately running down a little girl who suddenly ran out onto the road and getting hit.

If my father in law had not stopped to have himself that one drink, he would have been okay they said. But the court honestly believed that alcohol had a major part to play in his accident and his relfexes that day.

He got sent to jail for ten years. But because of good behaviour and an appeal that reduced his sentence, he was out by the time Danny was fifteen. Having nowhere else to go, he came to us. But we had all changed our circumstances long before he got out of jail.

I sold my fabricating business and uprooted myself and the boys out west and across the mountains to a town not too far on the other side of the range. There, I started up again. But it was difficult for the boys to settle and they began to turn wild. I guess I should have gotten myself another wife which should have helped them. But I didn't think of it.

There was not any other woman who I thought could take my interest again. Not then anyway.

It was while we were trying to get the boys grandfather settled in with us and finding some kind of work for him that the boys were involved in that accident. And accident that took the life of my oldest son and nearly took Danny's. It was my father in law who helped me keep it together this time.

I lost their mother and now my eldest son was now gone. All because of a joy ride they wanted to take and with damn alcohol involved. I could not fathom why they would do that when they know what alcohol can do to you when driving. I had already begun to hate alcohol.

Now I loathed it. It was something I never had brought into the house. Not even for cooking purposes also. Not a damn drop passed my door.

I concentrated on Danny and tried everything I could to help him survive. That help came in the form of a young girl/woman who had an accident I was told that was similar to my sons where alcohol was concerned.

That was how we met Annie. And through her, I met who I thought was my beloved wife again, only younger by a few years.

Damned if that woman didn't start chasing me. She would turn up everywhere I went and in places I didn't expect. She flat out told me that I was hers and I may as well give in.

Like hell I would. There was only one woman who held my heart. 

And Joy Stevenson was not her.

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