Play 2: The Great Getaway

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I searched almost the entire house for clues--any clues--that could help me return back in time. But there were none.

I didn't hope that my theory was true--my brain was screaming that it was all lies--but with evidence that I was now in the 1800s, I couldn't brush away my crazy yet possible guess away.

Another mystery was the wound that I made on my finger. How could it disappear within a few seconds, when I felt that sharp prick and saw that blood trickling out? By logic and science, it shouldn't have heal that fast, but at least in a few days.

And by the way, where the hell did Yukimura Koudou and Chizuru gone to? Well, it was reasonable for that Yukimura father to be missing, since according to the diary he was currently in Kyoto. But Chizuru?

Kicking the shelf near me, I winced as the items inside dropped and fell to the floor, the ones made of glass breaking into little pieces. Annoyed I kicked away some contents when I stopped in front of a box. Picking it up carefully, I opened it, revealing another stack of papers.

"Is this house obsessed with papers or what?" I hissed in frustration as I flipped through the papers thoughtlessly. I read the first page aloud. "10 November 1863. I am leaving for Kyoto. Chizuru seemed really worried for me, but I told her that I would write to her every day without fail." The first page ended there, and without thinking I flipped to the last page.

"17 February 1855. I made extra care to burn the older entries, in fear that the others would found out who we actually are. Also, Chizuru has been asking me about her injuries healing at a fast rate. To protect her, I told her not to tell anyone about this." I stopped just as the writing finished. "This must be the old man's diary...But healing at a fast rate?" I unsheathed my sword again, this time studying it closely. There was a drop of my blood at the tip, and I cleaned it. "A little too short for a sword, though..." I frowned before doing something I regretted.

I slashed my wrist with the short sword. Hard.

Astonished with the sharp pain, I dropped the sword, letting out a surpressed growl as I kneeled on the floor carelessly. The glass that I broke just now drove their sharp edges into my knees, which made everything worst.

"Ngh..!" I stifled my screams of pain as I didn't want anyone bursting into the scene to witness my healing, if it were true. I stood up with much difficulty and shuffled painfully to the nearest chair before settling down.

Shutting my eyes, I grabbed my left arm, trying to block out the pain. It got worst, and I was crying before I knew it. For what it seemed like hours, the deep cut in my wrist disappeared, leaving no trace of injury and blood. I checked my knees, and realised that they were healed too.

"Seems like that old man knows something. Maybe he'll know how to return to one's time too..." I trailed off, frowning seriously as I paced up and down, purposely avoiding the glass on the floor. "Kyoto huh..." I was already moving even before I knew it. Grabbing the stacks of papers that might prove helpful to me, I found a cloth in which I wrapped them all up. I tied them tightly together before heading out of the house.

"Maybe I should find that Dr. Matsu-whatever guy," I murmured to myself. "If I'm not wrong...I'm supposed to be Yukimura Chizuru, but if I use her name and someone knows her, it'll mean trouble." I stopped at the riverbank and glanced at my reflection under the moonlight. A girl with ordinary brown eyes and hair stared back and I sighed. "I don't look anything like that girl in the portrait."

Halfway through the night, I got bored and started rehearsing for my play. I actually enjoyed the process of switching from Romeo to other characters, especially Juilet.

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