Chapter 1- Business Trip

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"(Y/N)," your mother called from the dining room.

You looked up from your phone after hearing your mother's voice. You were, at the time, watching the latest episode of (Anime) on the living room couch with only 7 minutes left. You paused the show, stood up, and walked into the dining room towards the table your mother was at to see why she had called. When you reached the table, you saw that it was surrounded by a few papers with names and phone numbers on them.

"Yes?" you asked curiously. She had been on the phone with countless people for the past few days and it looked like she was finally done.

"You do know about me and your father going to (country's name) for a year right?" she asked, raising an eyebrow expectingly.

You remembered the countless times your mother and father had told you about their year long trip and immediately nodded your head

"Well, for sometime now, I've been calling a whole list of co-workers and friends we know to see if any of them will let you stay at their house while we're gone," she told you. "And I was only able to get one place that'd keep you for the whole year."

"And this place is?.."

"The Sakamaki mansion," your mother replied.

"Suck a monkey?" You questioned, not hearing what she said correctly.

"Sakamaki!" your mother corrected with a loud voice. "When we drop you off there you better not say suck a monkey!"

"Oh," you mumbled as you scanned your brain for any people you knew of that had the last name Sakamaki. In the end, you came up with nothing. "Never heard of them."

"Yeah.." your mother murmured, scratching the back of her head. "We don't know them and they were actually a family recommended from one of our friends."

"Woah woah woah!" You repeatedly shouted, doing a stop sign with your hands. "If you don't know them, how do you know it's safe to stay with them?! They could be murderers!"

Your mother sighed, dropping her arm that scratched her head on the table. "We don't know if it's safe to stay with them, but we really can't take you with us since we don't have enough money to take care of you during the trip.... or pay anyone... that's pretty much why we got rejected by every friend and co-worker we had listed."

You groaned. "No other options?"

"No other options," she confirmed, opening her eyes. "I'm really sorry (Y/N).. If we could take you along, we would."

You sighed. "When am I going to be dropped off there?"


"What?!" you yelled, stepping back and pointing at your mother. "Why so quick?!"

"Our flight's tomorrow," she weakly laughed. "That's another reason why the Sakamakis were our last resort.."

"..What kind of family am I staying with?" you asked, hoping it was just an old couple. If it was an old couple, it would be easier to run away if they were dangerous.

"You'll be staying with six sons.." she replied, waiting for a panicky outburst. "But I'm sure they're very nice!" She added quickly.

"Six sons?" you repeated, eye twitching. "How old?"

"Around the same age as you."

"And your fine with me staying with dudes who are the same age as me?" You questioned with a face of disbelief.

she hummed a "mhm" as a "yes" sign.


"..I'm guessing I should start packing now then," you dead-panned, surrendering to the fact that there was no escaping the Sakamakis.

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