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"baby, why are you by yourself?" a boy who smelt like straight up weed grabbed your hips and pouted at you.
"u-um i'm not here alone. i-i have-"
"baby, you like you're alone. want me to keep you company?" he cocked his pelvis up for me to feel his hard-on.
"i have a boy-"
"hey! smith!"
the boy looks towards at a very pissed harry who was walking in the room with two cups of alcohol, "get the fuck away from my girl, or i'll break that pretty nose of yours."
the boy walks away in defeat and leaves you alone with harry.
"don't want to hear it. let's go home. i want to cuddle with you alone and make sure you're alright. can't be here with all these fookin freaks looking at like you don't have a man." he hissed.

" he hissed

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