Chapter 14

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Although my Monday did not turn out to be the way that I had planned, the rest of my week turned out to be quite the same. Ben came over that night and on Wednesday night with his arms filled with our favorite take out items. My work was steady and I felt busy as ever since I had to catch up on some of the work that I had missed during Monday morning. Luckily after lunch I was able to drive to the office, grab some of the work to take home and was able to have a peaceful evening. 

The only surprise that I had that day was when I had arrived home I had a little post it note stuck to my door that said "Sorry". I had assumed it was from Theo and decided to just take it and move past it. 

Miles had texted me throughout the week and we continued to chat and ask questions. I could tell that he wanted to know a lot about my childhood and he had tons of questions about my own parents. So I decided that before I hired a general contractor to come and do some bids on the changes I want to do on the house that I should invite him over and get a bit of the experience. 

I brought up this idea to Jules, since I didn't know if bringing my biological dad to see the home that I was raised in with parents was offensive or disrespectful in any way. I did not under any circumstances want to disrespect the living memory of my parents, and inviting Miles into the home they created... made me hesitant. 

After a long conversation with Jules going back and forth about who my parents were, how they would have treated Miles, after knowing how much he wanted me was the major point that helped me to decide. I had texted him on Wednesday asking if he would like to come over to my parents house Friday night after work and he readily agreed. 

So here I was trailing my fingers along the banister of our staircase, stopping and staring at every picture of the wall. It was almost unsettling how little I had changed in the house and the fact that everything was covered with a layer of dust made me feel extremely guilty. 

I mentally took note that I needed to start searching for good general contractors so I could get the house back into check. I took out my phone and as I walked from room to room, I began to make a list of things that I thought should be changed or would improve the houses value. I knew that even if I didn't improve the house and just decided to sell it I would be making a fortune with what houses costs in these areas. 

I stopped in the kitchen where I looked around at the old style kitchen that had brand new appliances. I couldn't help but smile gently as the memories of my parents swarmed in my head. The kitchen had always been the heart of our home. 

Mom had always loved to cook, but she wasn't a normal cook. She was obsessed with health food. She loved gourmet food but hated how many calories, preservatives, non GMO and whatever other stuff they put into it. So she would always be experimenting in the kitchen with organic, plant-based, grass-fed food to make her own creations. She did get better at figuring out that there needed to be a balance to all things including, how food tastes vs. how healthy it is.

As a young child when the food was more so pointed towards being healthy than tasty my dad would always sneak out of the house after dinner, feigning that he needed to go for a walk, when in actuality he would drive down to the nearest McDonalds and grab us both the largest burger and fry that he could. Mom always knew about it but she would just pretend to not see it as she would roll her eyes when dad walked into the house holding bags of fast food behind his back.

She was able to always whip up the best types of desserts, ones that weren't healthy, and on those days we would always sneak in to take little tastes of her creations throughout the cooking process. Everytime that I got caught both of my parents would scold me, dad always had a twinkle of laughter in his eye, because seconds later he would try the same thing, only to be scolded by mom as well. She would always hold back a smile though and you could see that she thought we were funny by trying to be so sneaky. 

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