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Gaige let the paper flutter in the air until it skid across the table and Adonis managed to catch it. There -in blue ballpoint pen- was three signatures on the dotted lines. None of which were real, not even Gaige's. But Adonis didn't know better, he saw them and magically thought Gaige had managed to convince his parents to let him do this crazy thing. 

"What did you tell them?" Adonis was slowly easing up around the other boy, not so much stumbling of words, more genuine confusion. 

Gaige shrugged, pulling out a chair and plopping himself down so he was officially seated in one of the local library study rooms. Techinally this 'meeting' was to go over the documentary plan and filming schedual. But nevertheless, Adonis had his camera with the big fluffy mic on top resting on the corner of the table. Gaige stared at it, tapping the table with his pinky finger. 

"So, do they know about...you know...the subject of this film?" Gaige stared at the boy who was trying to get at an idea that would surely kill Gaige. If he didn't do it himself first. 

"No. Just as no one else will until this thing is shown," The taller by shot the shorter boy a pointed look that made Adonis look back down at the signatures, chewing at his lip.

"Well, uh, I guess we should get right into it, yeah?" Adonis reached down into his backpack and pulled out some kind of folded up legal pad paper. He unfolded it, and smoothed it out on the table, "So, one thing I try to focus on during filming -especially documentaries- is that the plans are never set in stone, you know?" Gaige could almost feel the corner of his lips lifting up at the idea that Adonis wanted him to know what the boy was talking about, "But it's essential to have a basic idea of what's going to happen. So, I laid out a couple of ideas. Uh, I would start with an interview of your..life. Without the eating disorder in it," Gaige still cringed at the words, "You're childhood, family, and friends. I'd be pretty amazing if I could interview family, and get childhood stories and pictures of you. It'd be a good lead up to how..." Adonis furrowed his brows.

"How I became like this," Gaige cross his ankles and his arms.

Adonis sucked in a deep breath, "Uh, yeah. Anyway, I want to get shots of a play by play of your life. At least one day from the moment you wake up the second you go to bed. An inside view of how it affects someones every move in the day. And then at the end, there will be another interview of how you think your day is impactful on your health and overall. Basically, it will be a lot of filming just you being you or interviewing you. And then there will be science part, I'd like to take you to either your general practitioner or maybe -if I can find a good one that isn't super expensive and will let me film- a doctor who has a specialty in eating disorders. 

"I would like you to meet others. You know, others going through similar situations. So maybe rehabs, or a support group or something. And then maybe talking to my sister, you know, someone who has dealt and recovered from this," Adonis wasn't seeing any reaction from Gaige and that's why he was still rambling, "It's hard to explain to you, so much is in my head of what I think we can do with this. But, if anything is too much or not what you want, say something and I'll change direction or we can do something else. It's all about you, Gaige. It's basically whatever you want."

Gaige stared blank-eyed at Adonis. The boy who had just finished talking was so uncomfortable in the silence he almost started talking again. But then Gaige dug into his pocket, pulled out his little vape pen and put it in between is stone cold lips. Adonis opened his mouth to scold Gaige and tell him you can't smoke or vape inside. But Adonis could seem to bring himself to tell the other boy when he was wrong. It was his lungs cutting out and his brain telling him Gaige could do whatever he wanted. 

And the fact watching Gaige part his lips slow to realize fog-like smoke into the room made Adonis' heart hurt a little bit in some way he didn't like the feeling. Especially not for a boy like Gaige. And especially not with second-hand smoke ruining his brain.

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