One shot

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Daviddobrik dmed you! Lit across your screen. Me and David were good friends and I loved the vlog squad.

David- hey holly what's up! 😏 me and my friends are having a party at my place and I would really love it for you to come!

Holly- Yeah I would love to come.

David- Okay be there by 7:30! The party starts at 9!

Holly- why would I be there at 7:30 if the party starts at 9

David- I guess we just have to wait and see!

Holly- okay weirdo! Cya then!
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I was rushing. Ready to get there. The time was ticking and I got in my car and drive to David's. I wasn't going to lie. I had a huge crush on David. Ever since I met him. We would flirt, but I don't know if he feels the same way.

David's house

I knock on the door and David opens it and smiles.
"Hey! You look pretty!" He says looking me up and down.
"Thank you David, you look cute." I say pushing his shoulder in a playful way.
"Oo, stop you make me blush to much." He says in a funny accent making me laugh. God was he cute.

Later that night

Everybody was outside and David and I were chilling on the couch. My phone lit up and saw that my friend had texted me.
"Ooo, is that a boy?" David said
"No, I kinda have my eyes on someone else." I say
"Ooo, tell me! I want to know. I ain't gonna tell no one" He says getting all excited
"No can do my love, it's a secret." I say
"Come on, I'll tell you who I like." He says and then my heart stops and I think for a moment

If I tell him I like him he might like me back. No he doesn't holly! Your thinking to much about this. Be cool!

It kept repeating in my head

"Deal!" I say

"You go first." He says

"Okay." I say shaking.
All I do is stare into his eyes seeing his cute face.

And then he leans in and kisses me. I kiss back.

"I think I may know who you like." I say

"I think I know to." He says

And by that we hang out for the rest of the night. Laughing, telling each other more stuff then ever, and kissing!

I'm fricken pumped abt the 1k!!!!! I'm so happy

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