Chapter 4

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Kia POV:

I went for the boyfriend approach.

If the client wanted me to act like we were dating and just relax and watch movies with him, then who was i to say no!? I mean, I could go a full hour and a half without having to do a single thing for him other than this, It was probably going to be the easiest money I'd ever made!
So sure, I'll wrap my arms around him and tuck him in, give him my hoodie to keep warm and pass him candy now and then. If that's what he wants I'll play the game. Who am I to tell him how to spend his money?

I looked over at the gorgeous small brunette, thinking that he was definitely the strangest customer I'd ever had. He didn't fit the profile of the bulky six, seven foot tall rich guy wanting to pound his troubles away with an expensive whore. He looked....normal...maybe he got rich off of a smackstarter company. Or maybe he was some kind of tech genius at software or something. Either way, there was no chance he was going to be able to pay for me otherwise.

I happen to be very expensive.

Mile's never let anyone who couldn't pay the bill book me either, so it's possible that Tyler's a friend of his.

If that was the case, would he have told me? Probably not...I can't see why he'd let me know. The guy is a major dick head, he wouldn't think I needed a heads up as I'm expected to act the same level of professional every time I go out, regardless of who i meet.

Leaning back to watch the film i rested my head against his, Setting my hand on his lap where I had pulled his legs up and over my own. The action seemed to still him and I glanced in his direction.

"um..are you alright?"

I blinked, smiling at him and turning my head "yeah I'm fine, are you? Would you like me to get you some water? Or some snacks?" What, was I doing this wrong? Isn't this your average everyday boyfriend attitude?  Snuggle a little on the couch watching a shitty movie and hang out? What am I doing wrong here? How is this not what you wanted?

Tyler nibbled his lip, shaking his head " thanks..nevermind" he looked shy, blushy even. It was so strange. I must've been a gift. Had to be, this was probably some rich CEO's nephew or something and he wanted the poor thing to get laid because honestly, it didn't seem like the little fluff ball had much of a game going for him.
I took a swift and cautious look around the room to try understand my client, a little tactic I was generously know for. It made it easier for me to know how to act, and from the looks of things, Tyler lived alone and probably never really left this house all that much.

I wondered why..

He wasn't bad looking, but he didn't look...well.

He was gorgeous, don't get me wrong. He had a light dusting of extremely light faded freckles you wouldn't see unless you were up close and personal. Those brilliant glass blue crystal like eyes just bore into my soul and I got lost for a moment, studying the way the lines overlapping would fade to a brilliant dark hue.


I blinked "huh?"

Tyler was looking back at me with a look of worry and confusion, his furrowed brows and flushed cheeks only made his eyes stand out even more  "you were staring at me, like you had zoned out and shut down" he tilted his head and nibbled his lip, I made a note of this.

He looked cute when he did that.

"Oh, sorry, I was just thinking about something to eat, are you hungry?" He grinned back at me and I must've melted into a puddle I swear "a little bit, but i don't eat very much"

I smiled "not to worry, I cook really well, i can make you a smaller portion" I stood up from my seat, forgetting about my plan to do nothing and simply watch movies until my time ran out. For some reason, I wanted to do something nice for him. He seemed naive, innocent even. He wasn't the usual scum I had to deal with, or maybe he was and just so happened to have lost the nerve to bang me?

I dunno...

Either way I was happy to be here so far and not back at the company locking my door in case Mile's got any funny ideas.

Tyler's wide eyes followed me as I made my way over to the kitchen calling after me sweetly "are you sure!? You really don't have to do that for me, I don't want to cause you any bother"

Okay, there was no way this guy could be a client, he was a god damn angel "it's no bother, really, i don't mind" taking out a pan i started on some crepes, They were easy enough to make and I used to love eating them. Miles wouldn't let me have any because he said, and i quote...'all that crepe gonna make your ass look like a burger bun sprinkled with sesame seeds.. nobody wants to fuck a burger bun' ...end quote.

Yup.. Mile's.

Nobody's proud, nobody's winning any awards here, it's just Mile's.

I cracked some eggs into a bowl and looked around for the flour, I liked making my crepes with some sugar in them to kick them up a notch. Super tasty and I wanted him to enjoy it.
It was the least I could do, if he was paying for this then I was going to feed the little fluff ball.

"Do you need any help?"

I turned on the spot, looking down at him I felt a soft smile overtake me "nah, I'm okay, you can get me a few plates if you like?" The guy lit up into a warm smile and nodded heading over to the cupboard where he kept the dishes, I couldn't help watching him go. It was nice, like I was playing house. I really missed slowed down moments like this, cooking my own food and taking care of someone else. The company never let us cook our own food, I'm pretty sure they've added things to our food too to keep us thin and lean. I wouldn't be surprised if they did.

Adding vanilla and milk I mixed up the batter and poured onto the hot pan, making them nice and thin.

"That smells so good" he hummed beside me, and I drew him into my side, wrapping my arms around his lower back, my hand on his hip "why thank you, I'm a pro" I joked, I hadn't been a pro for a long time. Cooking's was my biggest passion and I rarely got to do it anymore, thanks to my own stupidity.

My client flushed red at the proximity, fiddling with his fingers "sure seems like it, I burn water" he chuckled.

Grinning I pecked a kiss on his head and removed my arm to flip the crepe, speaking in a seductive tone  "sounds like you just need someone to give you a little instruction, teach you some rules. I bet you'll be a natural"

Those gorgeous eyes looked up at me in surprise and I could tell he got my little hints and so I winked at him. Watching the blush spread across his cheeks was so worth all the effort and I have to say, I'm enjoying this client more than I thought i would.


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