I knew it!

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I walked up to the diner with Emma. We were meeting Mary Margret, she wanted to talk to us about something.
‘’Do you think it’s about David?’I asked
‘’Maybe. That is her big secret shes hiding. Its not hard to tell that shes seeing David’’Emma said.
We were just about to walk in when this guy came and smiled at Emma. I haven't seen him here before and it’s a small town. I have seen everyone. He was very good looking, very rugged looking.
‘’I have been meaning to bump into you’'The guy said.
‘’I will just meet you inside’’I said looking at Emma. The guy gave ma a smiled and I walked over to the steps and I turned giving Emma a thumbs up, she gave me a look and I rushed inside the diner. I saw Mary Margret sitting at our usual table. I walked over at sat down on the chair beside her.
‘’I ordered you tea’’Mary Margret said.
‘’Thanks’’I said sitting down and taking the steaming cup between my fingers.
‘’Where’s Emma?’’
‘’Talking to a very attractive man outside’’I said taking a sip of the tea.
‘’Really?’’Mary Margret said looking through the window to see Emma talking to the man. He walked away and I heard a motorcycle start up and Emma walked through the door and over to is.
‘’Who was that?’’I asked
‘’I don’t know yet’’Emma said sitting down.
‘’Yet? So your going to find out’’Mary Margret said.
‘’It’s nothing’’Emma said. I shook my head.
‘’Whatever you say’’I said raising my eyebrow slightly.
‘’Nothing mean’s something because you if it was nothing you wouldn’t be talking about it’’
Mary Margret so has a point. Emma leaned against the table.
‘’Im sorry, I thought you called us here to talk about you’’Emma said
‘’Yeah, but talking about you is easier right now’’
Is Mary Mary Margret going to tell us her secret? I have been waiting for days for her to tell us. I didn't want to pry into her life and ask her a bunch of questions. Well, i would wait until she told me, then i would ask questions.
‘’What is it? Whats going on?’’Emma asked.
Mary Margret looked around before leaning in.
‘’Remember when you told me to stay away from David and I agreed?’’Mary Margret asked in a whisper.
‘’Yes’’I said
‘’I didn’t’’
I knew it! I was right! I love when im right!
‘’I knew it!’’I said in a yelling-whisper.
‘’Yeah we know’’Emma said
‘’You two knew? How?’’
‘’Because im sheriff and you are a love sick school teacher. Covering your tracks isn’t your strong suit’’
‘’I’ve been discrete!’’
‘’Two tea cups in the sink’’I said
‘’New perfume, late nights, plunging necklines. It was not hard to connect the dots’’
‘’I figured it out by your little love glances at granny's the other day’’I said. Mary Margret gave me a look before looking at Emma.
‘’Are my necklines really plunging?’’Mary Margret said
‘’When I met you, you were a top button kind of girl’’Emma said. I laughed slightly and I took another drink of my tea.
‘’Why didn’t you two say anything?’’
‘’Im not your mother and neither is Elizabeth’’
‘’No. According to henry, im yours.’’
‘’I just figured that you would let us know when it was time’’
‘’Pretty sure its time’’I said
‘’He’s telling Kathryn’’
Oh damn.
‘’Everything?’’Emma asked
‘’Everything’’Mary Margret said.
Well. This should get interesting.
I was walking to the diner for work when Stella, one of my friends from school, called me.
‘’Guess what?’’She said
‘’What?’’I asked pulling my purse more up my shoulder.
‘’Your sister and that one guy that was in a coma and  woke up, totally having a affair’’Stella said.
‘’How do you know about that?’’I asked my eyebrows fuzzing together.
‘’I was picking up my little brother from school and his wife came up and slapped her across the face and yelled at her for having a affair.’’
My eyes widened. What the hell!
‘’Yeah everyone's talking about it. Got to go, talk later’’
And she then hung up. Okay, um wow.
I was at the diner. Emma had a date tonight with that hot guy from earlier today. Granny and I were talking to her outside as he pulled up on his motorcycle.
‘’Well, aren't you going to come in. I thought you wanted that drink?’’Emma said walking over to him. I walked closer to hear them.
‘’I do, I didn’t say here. Hop on’’He said.
‘’You want me to get on that back of that bike?’’Emma asked.
‘’That’s what hop on means’’
I like this guy! Hot and sassy. Perfect for Emma. I really need to start a match making service or something.
‘’How about if we go somewhere I drive’’Emma said. If I was her I would hop right on that motorcycle with him.
‘’How about you stop trying to control everything and take a leap of faith. You owe me a  drink hop on. I know a good watering hole’’
‘’If you don’t I will’’Granny said. Emma turned back and I was biting my lip from not falling on the ground in laughter. This was all just so great.
‘’Go for it, Emma’’I said. She looked back at him and then walked over, taking the helmet that he offered her.
‘’Be home at a descent hour’’I said. Emma glared at me but I just waved. Then they took off.
‘’Well isn’t she a lucky duck’’ I said to granny.
I laughed and went inside the diner.
The next day I went to school. i didn't pay attention much, I was think of Mary Margret. She was so upset. People were calling her  a homewreaker and a tramp. It made me so sad to hear these things that people were saying about my sister. She wouldn’t even talk about it. Emma picked me up from school and we drove home. We walked inside and saw Mary Margret on her bed, facing the wall. Me and Emma looked at each other before walking over to the side of her bed.
‘’Want to talk?’’I asked
‘’Nope’’Mary Margret said
‘’do you want to be alone?’’Emma asked
‘’Nope’’ Mary Margret said. My heart broke.  She sounded so sad.Emma laid down at her side and I laid down at the end of the bed. We didn’t talk, all three of us just laid there in silence.

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