Chapter 1

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Turning the key in the lock, I pushed on the door handle causing it to give in and finally open. My body shivering violently as I stepped into the heated interior of my home.

Having been on vacation for the past two weeks I'd almost forgotten how horribly cold it was back home. The snow was reaching up to my knees and the wind was blowing so hard I'd thought I would blow away even in the short walk from my friend's house to my own. Her brother had offered to drive me home but it had seemed too small a distance to trouble him to drive me when he was already home. But that had been a horrible idea, it was a bad idea to step outside for even a moment with such harsh winds let alone do a fifteen minute walk when you only had a jacket to protect you from the cold. I'd forgotten to pack a hat or gloves since normally one of my own family members would have come to pick me up.

My friends and I had intended to stay for three weeks but two of them had fallen very ill and gotten horribly homesick so I and my other friend had decided we might as well cut our trip short too. I pulled off my boots with horribly stiff fingers, huddling in on myself as I sniffled, my eyes watering so badly I was relying on memory alone to navigate around the house. I made my way through the house, my teeth chattering so loudly I couldn't hear much else.

I clenched my teeth together for a moment, listening closely to try to figure out where my family was, I head my mom's voice from the study and hurried towards there. Letting my teeth chatter as loudly as they pleased as I used my cold hands to wipe the water that had run from my eyes.

I quirked my head to the side as I saw the door closed to the study, perhaps my mom was on the phone. Whoever it was could wait though, I needed to hug my freakishly warm alpha mother before I caught pneumonia.

I threw the door open, wiping my nose against the back of my hand in case that too was dripping before looking up, my eyes widening immediately. Both my parents were sitting behind their desk, chairs side by side and two large men were sitting on the chairs across from them, all of them staring at me intently. As my gaze connected with my mother's I prayed internally that these were just some oversized relatives and not leaders of a visiting pack.

My prayers went unanswered though as I hesitantly looked from my mother to the individual sitting closest to the window, my gaze connecting with unfamiliar dark eyes. I gulped as I realized my parents had pulled the chairs from my older sisters' studies so they were both large chairs but simply looked quite small due to how gigantic the man was. I looked towards the other man only to see that he too was not someone I knew, but at least he wasn't as ridiculously gigantic as the other man.

"Pari, baby what are you doing home?" My mother asked not getting up from her seat confirming my suspicion that the man was an alpha. If it hadn't been my mother would have been around the desk and currently strangling me in a gigantic bear hug. Since it was though it would have seemed disrespectful of my mother to leave the table while another alpha was present to greet someone of lower status.

"Nora and Elliya were sick so we cut our trip short." I replied quietly, my heart drumming harshly in my chest wishing I could just sink into the plush carpet on the floor and disappear forever.

"Alpha Mrow this is our youngest daughter Parisa, our apologies we had not told her of your visit otherwise she would not have barged in." My father said and I bowed my head awkwardly, fully intending to walk out of the room as quick as I could without making it physically look like I was running until I heard a chair being pushed across the floor smoothly.

I watched as the tallest man stood, turning to face me to my horror and walking towards me before coming to a stop right in front of me.

"Pleasure to meet you." The man said, his voice a deep baritone that had my shoulders tensing. He held out a large hand to me, and I placed my own in his without looking up to meet his gaze even though I could feel it digging into me. Some of the tension leaving my body at how warm his hand was, so amazingly warm compared to how ridiculously cold my hands were.

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