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She then heard footsteps coming to her door. And within seconds Seulgi turned of her camera, grabbed her handgun, and in the bed sheets and pretended to sleep.
The door opened slowly. And a black figure approach the bear that was underneath the sheets. As the black figures hand is approaching, the bear grabbed the hand and pulled her over to the bed and sat on top of the person pointing her gun towards them. The person who was underneath Seulgi removes the blanket that had covered them and there it revealed Moonbyul.

"CHILL ITS JUST ME MOONBYUL!!!" said Moonbyul with her hands up as if she is surrendering.
"WHAT THE HELL MOONBYUL, I ALMOST DID NOT RECOGNIZED YOU and what are you doing here?!?!" said Seulgi as she was looking at Moonbyul who had just dyed her hair to brunette.
"Before I tell you, can you please stop pointing that gun of yours at me, and get off me!!"

The two got up and started talking.

"What's up" said Seulgi.
"So, Mr. Wang asked me to escort Irene's parents to the airport, and I noticed something unusual" replied Moonbyul.
"What is it?!?"
"There was a black van that was following us on the way, but I managed to lose them. Also, I managed to get a glimpse of the drivers face."
"Okay so... who was it"
"Remember those gangsters that hurt Irene outside the restaurant when we first met her?... It was one of them"
"Also, the van that that they were driving has a sticker of that one company. You know... The YG company".
"Okay, well now we got some suspects of those who wants to put Mr. Bae down." said Seulgi was she was typing notes on to her phone.

While they were talking, Moonbyul noticed the laptop that was on the bed and immediately grabbed it to look something up. As she lifted up the screen she saw different locations of the house that is being monitored. As she was scanning the screen, she saw a hidden tab that was labeled Irene. Moonbyul then clicked on it and there she saw Irene room.

"Are you spying on Irene" she said as she was looking at Seulgi.
"I just wanted to make sure no one would be causing her any harm" replied Seulgi.
"SuRe......" said Moonbyul as she was teasing.
"Well, Imma go and imma let you do you" said Moonbyul as she is about to jump out of the window.
"Aish. PABO!!!!!" said Seulgi while pointing her gun at Moonbyul.

Now that Seulgi is all alone, she checks her computer once again, and sees Irene laying in bed. And before she knew it, the bear had drifted to sleep.

The door slowly opens once again, but this time Seulgi did not notice as she was sleeping tirelessly. The person then walked towards Seulgi and laid right next to her hugging her from behind making Seulgi the small spoon.

"Seulgi-ah... why don't you remember me! Do you have any idea how much I regretted leaving you? I missed you so much. If only I hadn't left you would've not been in a car accident. I'm so so sorry!!!" said Irene who was clearly drunk.

It has been a solid 5 minutes and the two are still laying in bed. Irene who was the big spoon had already fallen asleep. And as for Seulgi who was awake and was listening to Irene's sorrowful words, made her tear up for which she was still hurt for what had happened years ago.

Seulgi got up and sat right next to Irene who was sleeping like a baby and decided to talk to her.

"Joohyun-ah. I do remember you, and for you leaving me without saying a word did hurt me... and by that I hate you so much. Gosh I freaking missed you, ever since that day you left. My life has been crushed into pieces. And no, me getting into an accident and getting amnesia is not true. I made it up. I didn't want to seem lame or hurt and even show how much I missed you. I understand how sorry you are, but it's going more than that to forgive and I just can't forgive right now" said Seulgi as tears are flowing down her face.

End of Chapter!!!!

*** How'd you guys like this chapter?!?! Like I said i'm sorry for the lack of update, it's just that my teachers from med school are giving piles of work. And plus I have one online class which is very hard, cause i have to learn everything on my own... so please stay tuned!!!!***
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