i wanna be a big girl

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daddy pov

i woke up extra early this saturday. it was my princess's nineteenth birthday and i was gonna make it special.

i have a few birthday surprises for her that she will be very happy with.

i made her, her favorite food for breakfast. chicken nuggets and french fries. i know it's not much of a breakfast food but she loves it.

after fixing her food i went to go wake her up.

"princess, princess. wake up", i whisper as she flutters her eyes.
"yes, dada?"
"guess what day it is?", i smile.
"iss-iss my birfday!!! yay!!!!", she jumps up and jumps on the bed.
"how old are you turning?"
"are you excited?"
"i so excited, daddy!", she giggles.
"yeah, i bet you are"

princess pov

i was supa supa excited to be a big princess now. i was officially nineteen years old. yippee.

dada picks me up from the bed and places me on his hip.

"where we goin, daddy?"
"the kitchen, birthday girl", we walk into the kitchen and there's a bunch of chicky nuggets and fries.
"omg dada!!! is dis for meh?", he nods his head and place some in the high chair.
"daddy, can i pwease sit in a big girl chair, since iz a big girl now", i ask with puppy dog eyes.
"fine, but only because it's your special day"

he puts me on the ground and i climb up on the big sit. i wiggle my tushy on the cold seat and giggle. i like big girl seats.

he places a hot pink barbie plate with a matching sippy cup in front of me.

"dada", i whine.
"what, princess?"
"can i get a big girl plate and cuppy too?"
"cuz...cuz...cuz i wanna be a girl princess now"
"princess, you're still my little. you're too young for a real plate"
"das not fair! i wanna be a big princess now!!!"
"must i punish you on your birthday?", i stick my tongue out at him.

he pulls me from the big seat and throws me on the huge couch. he pulls down my little 'princess' panties that hide my princess parts. he puts me on my stomach. i hear his pants unzip and i feel daddy's cock against my hole.

"daddy! no!!! i'll be a good princess!", i cry.
"shhh....daddy loves you", his tip pushes in to me and he slaps my booty. "count!"
the tip of his cock moving in and out of me with ever slap.

my face was red and cover with tears.

"oh princess don't cry on your birthday", he kisses my booty.
"it's my bifday, i can cway if i want to", i pout.


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