~{Chapter 1}~

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Hi! My name is Karlye Renner. I am a normal 20 year old girl living a normal life. I live in a nice state called Butte, Montana. I work in my dad's restaurant called Denver. I work as a waitress and a bartender. My two best friends, Abigail Bryan and Madi Wahlberg work in the restaurant with me. They always stuck by my side and they always got my back whenever I needed help from my manager/ ex boyfriend Hunter Meyer. He is always mean to me and treats me like crap just because I broke up with him.

I don't care!

Whenever Hunter was being mean to me, I have always went up to my dad and explained to him what Hunter does to me. My dad knows that Hunter does these terrible things to me when he is not around. I always asked him to fire Hunter but he doesn't and when I start bringing up this firing bullcrap my dad starts off like this. " Honey! If I could fire Hunter I would but we need a manager and Hunter fits that position and it helps the business!"

It always ends up like this, so I just deal with it!

So when I have nobody for support, I always turn to my two best friends. Abigail and Madi had always been there for me whenever they see Hunter being mean.

I love them so much!

Now! Since Denver has been getting more and more popular, people been asking my dad if we can put up a stage for bands or singers?

"I think that is a great idea!" I told my dad while showing him the blue prints for the stage. He shock his head and agreed!

After working on the stag for an hour, we finally finished it! When people heard about the stage being completed, they swarmed into Denver like bees. They couldn't wait to taste the most delicious food they ever tasted and watch the best bands and singers perform.

I really miss being a singer. Being one of the greats but that was all over now. My path has changed and now I am a waitress helping my poor father.

Now! All of a sudden, my father got this very important phone call from a band named Rixton! I never even heard of this band before and I didn't even know where they came from? So after hearing the news about this special band coming over and performing in Denver, Hunter, our manager, heard about the news and demanded us to clean up and make Denver spot list!

I mean spot list!

He wanted everything to be perfect for Rixton's arrival. To be just perfect! So we listened to his rules and started making Denver spot list for Rixton.

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