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Hey Wattpadians!

So I have one little question to ask you all reading. If you read any of my other books as well as this one, these are the three options;

Option 1: Do you guys want me to focus more on finishing the "Reboot: The Guardian Code" fanfic and the "Power Ranger Ninja Steel" fanfic? If so, choose one story.

Option 2: Do you guys want me to try and continue one of my other books that are on hold - "Bunks", "Heroes of Olympus", and "A Series Of Unfortunate Events" fanfics? If so, choose one story.


Option 3: Do you guys want me to bring a new book that will most likely be updated slowly as well and topics just as 'kiddish' as PRNS - "Rise of The Guardians" or "LEGO Ninjago" fanfics? If so, choose one story.

I know - I'm such a child but I really liked ROTG as a kid and I'm still watching "Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu". I'm extremely excited for season 10 because it might be Cole's season (according to "TannerFishies") and it's probably the last season.

Please choose! I am depending on your choice... also, I need something like this to keep me a little sane right now after everything going on. I'm beginning to hit a road bump, so I'm wondering if I'm going to have to put another story on hold. But if you guys show some support, I won't let that happen!

So... BYE!!!

~Vocalist_Joi_13/7 says PAALAM ✌️

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