So, I've found out today that there has been a new Wattpad imprint launched. This is such good news for those of us that have a finished novel up on Wattpad. Of course, most everyone is already talking about what it will take to make the cut and get published. So far, all that has been said in press releases is that their data driven statics, editors and other staff will help determine what books will get chosen.

Here's the press release from Wattpad if you haven't heard of the news yet:

Cut to me crossing my fingers. *Fingers crossed*

So, that means, "Saving My Heart" needs reads and comments more than ever

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So, that means, "Saving My Heart" needs reads and comments more than ever. So, pass the word around. Let your friends know. I am so thankful for the Wattpadder support I've received so far. I have followings in places I never dreamed of like Nigeria, the Philippines, India, Kenya and South Africa. That is exciting to me. Making 100k reads also really helped too. But I've got to push on.

With the new imprint announcement, I've backed off on my plans to maybe self-publish this novel too. I have been adding revisions and updates as I continue to work on the manuscript. It's actually on it's 4th revision. I have a few scenes that are a little too sexy for Wattpad, and I didn't want to lose the 13+ rating and make it mature yet. So, I've left out that one scene. But I may add additions to the beginning to make it a little cleaner. (You always got to rewrite the beginning once you finish a novel to make it all match up. Spoken like a true pantser.)

So, that is the future for "Saving My Heart". It's going to remain on Wattpad now. I want to see what happens with the new program, and to be honest, it was born on here. I feel it kind of belongs on Wattpad. Since I wrote it while I was recovering from my heart attack, saving my own heart really( and there was talk of heart transplant people), it helped me get through every day knowing people were waiting for the next chapter. And having a goal of a chapter a week gave me something to do when I didn't have much energy to move and was going through physical therapy. 

I guess that is the story within the story, writing "Saving My Heart" in a way saved me too. Because it's been four years now, and even though I've had to give up teaching full time, I was able to do more writing now and have some part time teaching assignments. Wattpad gave me a path to hope when the rug of life was pulled out from under me. I came so close to having Dec. 11, 2014 be my date of death on my grave stone. I'm so happy that I turned fifty(yes, folks, I'm old), and am looking forward to future birthdays and more writing of novels in my life because of being able to recover from the heart attack. 

Maybe the novel and my story writing it will give someone hope. You can recover from a heart attack, even if you may not be the same person when you do. You become a different person, stronger and more encouraged by the second chance you are given. I am so thankful for this second chance. Because without it, "Saving My Heart" wouldn't have been born. 

And neither would have my new phase of life as a full time author. 

Thanks for the support. Looking forward to see how this new Wattpad Imprint takes shape and brings new voices from all of those on Wattpad. It gives hope to those prawnie authors, like myself, that we may still have a chance to get out novels on Wattpad published. Thank you, Wattpad. Thank you.

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