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"Bubba I really don't want to go" I wined to Zo

"Gelo and I are tired of you stealing our clothes! I don't have any more shirts and you're starting to look like me" he laughs loudly

"That doesn't mean that I have to go get my clothes from that rodents room" I loudly exhaled

"Yeah, yeah get out of the car we're here," he said as he pulled his keys out of the ignition

Opened my door and took a few breaths in as all the memories come flooding back to me

"So you're the girl Melo kept talking about." I looked at Melo as his face grows red. "I guess so." I spoke laughing"

I walked slowly behind Lonzo's tall figure as all of the good memories started to fade and I all I hear is yelling

"What the fuck do you mean. This is what I see all down my fucking timeline. This is all that people are tagging me in!" I screamed at him"

By this time I'm inside the house and Zo stood there calling my name as he snapped me out of my spiraling thoughts

"Huh?" I responded

"I said you can go upstairs if you need any help call me I'll be down here" he reiterated himself

"Alright" I as i nervously bit my lip and sprinted up the stairs

I walk down the hallway as I contemplated running back down the stairs and saying I can't do it and be a scary big baby or keep walking and get my clothes and pictures

I just grabbed the doorknob and opened it waiting for the worst to happen

I opened my eyes to see nobody in the room. I let out a sigh and proceeded to walk into the room

I went straight to the wall to start talking my pictures off of it laughing because he was making fun of Zo for having pictures everywhere

I go to open his closet where all of my clothes are as I hear the most heartbreaking thing said ever

The door opened as Melo says "oh shit Ashley I'll call you back

I just looked at him disappointed and went back to what I was doing

"Jay!" He calls trying to get my attention

"Jaylynn Maleah Rose!" he said knowing he would get a reaction from me

I turned around and said "Move around with that government name shit LaMelo"

"I'm sorry," he said looking away

"no, I'm sorry for you" I sighed as I continued packing

"i didn't mean it" he signed

"so you didn't mean it when you asked for her number again, or
did you mean it when you told her you be feeling all alone?

did you mean it when you told her that you wanted to come over?

when you told her to come upstairs!

did you mean it when you slipped your hand between her thigh?

did you tell her that you love her and don't you fucking lie!" I said but after every sentence, I began yelling a little louder

"but that's not only it you
saw my picture when I called and you chose to hit ignore!
so was it worth it? Tell me was it worth it?" I stared at him

"Answer me!" I said promptly

"No," he said like a whisper

"Say it louder LaMelo," I said trying to get him to see he's wrong

"No, It wasn't worth it! She's nothing compared to you!" He yelled

"Do you understand how bad that shit hurt" I just went on a tangent

He came up to me and tried to hug me

"I'm still mad at you! Move around with that fugazi fuck shit Ball"

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