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After working at Mr. Jefferson's estate for quite some time, the more accustomed I've become to it. I have even gotten to know more of the slaves that work along with me, and I learned that Mr. Jefferson owns roughly more than three hundred slaves. Obviously, Mr. Jefferson is a gentleman of the high class, no doubt about it.

"(Y/n), I won't be able to help you out today because I'm going to help out Daniele. I hope you don't mind, " Annie spoke, walking into my quarters as I got dressed for the day. "Not at all, also Annie, can you help me lace up my corset, I'm having some trouble doing it, " I requested. "Of course, " she answered as she closed the door, helping as she laced up my corset nicely. Once she finished, I put on my jacket and my apron; I was ready for the day. "Thank you, Annie, " I stated. "You're very welcome. I should be off, I'm sure Daniele needs me. I shall see you later, " Annie responded. "Indeed, goodbye, Annie, " I spoke. "Goodbye, " she added.

Annie is such a wonderful person, yet so delicate, like a flower. She very much resembles a flower blooming in early spring, its beauty all can see, and very much stands out from any other flower in the field for it is one of a kind. I got to know Annie so well, I'm happy that I did for she has easily become a friend of mine due to her happy, helpful, and enthusiastic nature.

I walked out of my quarters, making my way into the house, starting on my duties in cleaning the library, and the studies, now all I had left was to clean Mr. Jefferson's room.

I no longer knock on his door, for whenever I open the door who knows that it's me who has come to clean his room. As I entered the room I found Mr. Jefferson searching for something. "Have you lost something, Mr. Jefferson, " I asked. "Why, yes. I have seemed to have misplaced my envelopes for I can not find them, " he says as he searched high and low through the room, leaving things out of place and in a mess. I walk over to the small shelf that hung about above his desk, grabbing an envelope and handing it to Mr. Jefferson. "Here you go, sir, " I spoke. "Why thank you, dear. Please tell me where you found the envelopes that way I'll remember for future times, " he requested. "The shelf above your desk, Mr. Jefferson, " I answer. "I see, and I also see that on my wild search for the blasted thing I have messed up my room as well, " he added. "It is very much alright, Mr. Jefferson, " I spoke as I started tidying the room for it was my job after all.

Just then I see a hand pick up a paper in front of me, I look over to see Mr. Jefferson also cleaning. "Oh, Mr. Jefferson, you don't have to help me with the cleaning. It is my job, so you don't need to assist me, " I stated. "Nonsense, I simply created the mess and I don't want to leave it to you to clean up all by yourself. I insist that I help, " he explained.

With Mr. Jefferson's help, we were able to have the room cleaned in no time. "Mr. Jefferson, dinner is ready, " Daniele spoke as opened the door. "I see, I shall be down in the dining room in a few minutes, " Mr. Jefferson replied. "Yes, sir, " Daniele spoke as he left the room, closing the door behind him. "I would like to thank you for providing your help, Mr. Jefferson, " I remarked. "It was nothing, dear. There's no need to thank me, " he responded. "I insist, is there anything I could say or do to thank you?" I begged. "Perhaps; meet me here after dinner when the rest of the slaves head off for sleep, " he replied as he left the room, heading off to the dining room.

I soon followed, walking out of the room to meet Daniele down the hall. "How was your day with Annie helping you?" I asked. "It was very nice, Annie is such a dear. Such a kind, soft, tender soul she is. I wish Annie came into my life sooner for hearing her name makes my heart race for she has me swooning over her, " Daniele acknowledged as I chuckled at his behavior. "And you said the other night I sounded like a young girl falling for a boy I fancied. You're acting like as if he Cupid had shot an arrow through your heart, " I added. "Hush you, " he giggled.

As the sun set, slaves have started to return to their quarters, all except me as I made my way towards Mr. Jefferson's room. As I entered his room, where I find Mr. Jefferson in front of the mirror near his bed as he stood shirtless.

"(Y/n), I was worried that you wouldn't show, " he spoke. I felt uneasy as I started his bare body through the mirror. "Be a lamb and bring me a shirt from my closet, " he requested. I did as told and I brought him a new shirt. "Thank you, darlin', " he said as he slipped his arms through the sleeves, buttoning up the shirt but did not bother to button the shirt completely for he stopped at the third button. "You should have seen it dear, while I was enjoying my dinner as usual, as I grabbed my glass of red wine to take a sip I accidentally spilled wine on my shirt, " he giggled, I chuckled along with him at the story. "That makes the second shirt you've ruined, " I stated. "Indeed. I believe I'm starting to develop a bad habit of ruining my clothes, " Mr. Jefferson added with a small chuckle.

"Now, I'm sure you would like to know why I told you to meet me after dinner just for you to repay me for your kindness, but tell me, dear, what do you want most in this world?" He asked me with a look that showed that he was being serious with the question asked. "What I want most in this world? That's such a tough question to answer for there are many things I would like to have in this world. I would more dearly enjoy being able to learn, learn to read and write, be able to do the things I wanted to do and not things people make me do for them. I would even like to see my father again, " I answered. "Tell me about your father, " Mr. Jefferson insisted. "There's not much to tell. All I know is that at one point my father had secret relations with a woman, who was my mother, and my mother died from childbirth so I never met her. My grandmother couldn't raise me due to her poor health, so I was handed over to my father. He raised me like any other girl, except my father kept me hidden from his family so that they couldn't find out about my father's relations. I was separated from my father at a young age in my childhood. My father was going to be married off to some woman, and to keep my safe by making sure him and his future wife not know of my existence, my father handed over into the care of Mr. Smith, but instead I was forced to endure the treatment of an abused slave, " I explained, letting the memories of my past life console me in a wave of grief. I look over at Mr. Jefferson who looked as if an arrow had pierced through him.

"Mr. Jefferson, are you alright?" I inquired as I pressed my hand against his cheek, my thumb moving across it. "I'm fine, dear, " he said as he grabbed my hand and gently held it close to him, slightly squeezing it. He gave me a refreshing smile to make me not worry, and it worked. "I think it's about time you left, you should go rest, " he said as he looked out the window, seeing the now dark sky filled with the bright twinkling stars and the moon that shined so brightly, letting go of my hand. "Yes, good night, Mr. Jefferson, " I spoke, bidding my goodbye. "Yes, good night, dear, " he replied as I left the room and I made my way back to my quarters.

As I walked in, I found Daniele asleep in his bed, but he had left the lamp on for me for when I returned. I change into my nightly attire as I blew out the little flame in the lamp and I crawled into my bed falling asleep, my dreams filled with happy memories from the past.

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