Do You Remember Me Now?

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With a bowl of cereal, Peter sat at his computer and logged into his Facebook account.  He had two notifications.  The first was that his opponents on Words With Friends had made their moves and the second was a comment on his post from the night before.  He had posted a video of him playing with his parent’s Chihuahua, and the three minute old comment was from Joyce Whitefield saying, “that is so cute.”

Peter read her comment several times.  After some debate, he liked it and replied, “Thanks.” He then went to see what bizarre words his friends had come up with.

About a minute later, a message screen from Joyce Whitefield popped up reading, “sorry you just look familiar have we met irl?”

Peter closed his eyes and let out a sigh.  Putting his cereal bowl down he gripped the imaginary hilt of a knife sticking out of his heart and slowly twisted it.

Opening his eyes he reread her message.  Then he typed, “About a year ago, we met on a dating site.  We emailed and chatted here on FB for a couple of weeks, then went on a date.  There was no spark on your end because we had a few emails afterward, but then you stopped replying.”

He reread what he had typed several times before highlighting it to delete the whole thing.  Stopping himself he reread it again.  He deleted the “on your end” part and changed the ending to, “but nothing came of it.” After rereading it yet again, he sent it.

What would be worse, he asked himself, if she replies of if she doesn’t?

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